Bar Code Industry News

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Over 10 Million Bar Codes Sold
DENSO Introduces New Handheld 2-D Barcode Scanner with Bluetooth® 2.1
Wasp Barcode Technologies Launches Three New Scanners
CognitiveTPG Launches New Website
Motorola Solutions’ New Workabout Pro 4 Mobile Computer: Equipped for Today, Adaptable for Tomorrow
New Industrial Grade Laser Barcode Scanner from Honeywell
Scandinavian Folklore and Modern Day Patent Trolls
Innovative Small Digital Display for Bars Adds Cell Phone Chargers
Top Ten Barcode Stories of 2013
Sochi Security Complicates Logistics
New Rental Option for Checkmate Tool and Equipment Software
Digimarc Sets Guinness Record for Scanning Barcodes
Roll Your Own Barcode Reader with New Motorola scanner #NRF14
GS1 Connect 2014 -Retail, Healthcare, Foodservice and Grocery Industry Leaders to Examine Reinventing Business
Help Stop Patent Trolls with the EFF
Bar Code Industry News
Barcode Quality: A Problem and an Opportunity
Equipment Inventory Management System Delivers Proven Return on Investment
The Internet Of Things (IoT) - The Fundamentals
Package Tracker SaaS Solution
Intermec Offers New Compact Industrial Printer PM23c
Barcoding, Inc.’s 3rd Annual Executive Forum Highlights Mobile Implementation Best Practices, Supply Chain Efficiencies
FTC Requiring Honeywell to License Barcode Scanner Patents
Third Annual Forum: Accelerating the Supply Chain with Barcoding and RFID
10 Reasons Barcode Verifiers Make Financial Sense
Bar Code Super Hero Emerges
Premium Bar Code, RFID, POS Domains for sale
Barcodes For Industrial and Factory Areas
Even More Expensive Bar Code Pay Per Click (PPC) (part 2)
The Cost of Pay Per Click (PPC) in the Bar Code World

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