Automatic ID Industry Honors Excellence at 2010 AIM Expo

Four Individuals Recognized for Outstanding Contributions

AIM, the association for Automatic Identification and Mobility, recognized four individuals during the AIM Expo, held in Chicago, IL, for their noteworthy contributions to the development and growth of the automatic identification and mobile IT community. The Richard R. Dilling, Don Percival, Ted Williams, and Excellence in Journalism Awards, the industry's most prestigious awards, are presented annually to individuals or organizations with outstanding vision, initiative or service to the industry.

3797-dilling-halliday-125pxRichard R. Dilling Award

AIM awarded its highest honor, the Richard R. Dilling Award, to Steve Halliday, president, High Tech Aid, in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the AIDC industry over his 20+ year career. Mr. Halliday actively participates in standards development at all standards levels from local to international. He has been instrumental in the education of the industry about the importance of standards. Specifically, Mr. Halliday has had numerous papers and articles published on technology subjects. He is currently the chairman of the SC31 committee responsible for creating RFID air interface standards, and is the vice-chairman for the United States Technical Advisory Group (TAG) to ISO/IEC JTC1/SC31, Automatic Identification and Data Capture Techniques. He has also served as the vice-chair for the ANSI committee on Identification Cards, the Secretary for the ANSI Magnetic Stripe committee, and he is a regular attendee at various EPCglobal and ISO meetings. Mr. Halliday acts as AIM’s standards liaison to ISO.

3797-nizam-percival-125pxDon Percival Award

AIM Global and SCAN: The Data Capture Report recognized Carlo Nizam of Airbus with the Don Percival Award, a distinction presented annually to an individual or organization from the user community who has made outstanding contributions to the application of automatic identification and mobility technologies. Mr. Nizam overcame challenges that included five executive management changes at the CEO level and actions within three countries for total resources and facilities. A testimony to his vision includes that much of his work began in 2002 which was a point when UHF RFID was barely legal in Europe. Today, Airbus has committed to dozens of RFID initiatives, and plans broad process revisions beyond supply chain, asset tracking and parts maintenance as a result of initiatives started and led by Mr. Nizam.


3797-williams-125pxTed Williams Award

Mr. Morris Brown, program manager, materials management for the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG), accepted the Ted Williams Award presented to AIAG’s RFID work group responsible for the RFID B-11 document, which is the automotive industry standard in North America. Named in honor of Ted Williams, an industry innovator, collaborator, and long time member of the AIM Technical Symbology Committee, the Ted Williams Award is given to a member of the industry that has made outstanding contributions to the development of the Automatic Identification and Mobility industry. AIAG provided significant contributions in publishing the first fully featured RFID programming standard for the automotive industry, including EPC and ISO constructs, and achieved this in an economic downturn period when other organizations were reducing activities. Further, AIAG published the B-11 standard with collaboration of European members from Odette (EU peer organization to AIAG).

3797-journalism-125pxExcellence in Journalism Award

In recognition of his journalistic excellence and long-standing representation of the automatic identification industry, Bert Moore, director of IDAT Consulting & Education, received the 2010 Excellence in Journalism Award. This award was established by the AIM Education and Public Policy committee to recognize a journalist or media representative covering the automatic identification industry. Moore has consistently been a thought leader in educating the public and vendors about AIDC technologies, their benefits, applications, standards and issues. Mr. Moore began covering AIDC as Managing
Editor of AIM’s ScanJournal in 1984 and, in 1986, began a regular data collection column for P&IM Review. He has authored over 700 by-lined articles, columns, book contributions and professional presentations for 30 different publications and has participated in a wide range of seminar programs for diverse audiences. In 1997, he was selected as a charter member of the AIDC 100. Since 2003 he has served as the editor of AIM Connections and RFID Connections newsletters and hosts the “Hear and Know” executive podcast series for RFID Connections.

According to Dr. Clive Hohberger, AIM board chairman, “This year's recipients exemplify the outstanding work that results when you combine intellect, leadership, and tenacious dedication. Each year, we are pleased to recognize the significant achievements of individuals who impact the direction of the industry and highlight their contributions to the growth of the overall auto ID and mobile IT marketplace. Their commitment to the industry serves as a benchmark to the next generation of researchers, entrepreneurs and journalists.”


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