iScan Brings Barcode Scanning to the iPad


iScan, a product by Mobilogics is a small laser bar code scanner that fits neatly on the top of an iPad , iPhone and iPod Touch device.    I had the pleasure of testing this device a few weeks ago and it scans beautifully.   No matter what the surface, curved, frosted, reflective, color bar code or black and white, the iScan easily handled the bar code.  Installation was accomplished in under 3 minutes.    It plugs in on the top of the iPad or iPhone, and requires a free app to be downloaded.   Once the app is downloaded and installed, the iScan and iPad work in combination and can deliver the code through a WiFi connection to a server or PC.   There is a separate application that runs on a desktop PC and codes that were scanned were sent to the PC.

A sample application that was available in the app, allowed me to scan an item, and then have a browser window open up for an Amazon page tied to that bar code.   It worked quickly and easily.

As an Apple Certified barcode scanner, a Software Development Kit (SDK) is provided by Mobilogics to allow app developers to custom design a barcode scanning solution.   Users have the option to trigger the scanner by pressing the physical button on top of iScan, or touch the on-screen button or swipe finger across the screen to trigger the scanner as well.iScan_gallery1

While designed more as an application tool than a finished product, this little device brings to mind a variety of possibilities to be used for ticketing solution, e-catalog in showroom, inventory control, warehousing management, fleet management, patient record management, etc.

Other Mobilogics products:

Another device, the iPDT380, is a case that fits comfortably around the iTouch product.    Ergonomically designed and a pleasure to use, the device just begs to be picked up.   It shares the same SDK as the iScan allows for a variety of application to be built that support both iPDT380 andiscan_gallery2 iScan.

Several companies have already integrated the iScan device into their mobile apps:

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