RighterTrack Welcomed as New Advertiser at The Bar Code News

RighterTrack, a bar code specialist offering solutions in bar coding, tracking software, and labeling solutions including custom labels is now an advertiser in The Bar Code News(tm).

RighterTrack / AIP, based in Pennsylvania,  was founded in 1998 by George Righter who holds a degree from Penn State University and Rider University. George has an extensive background in label manufacturing and bar coding applications.

RighterTrack offers integrated and self-contained bar code systems, label printing systems, RFID tracking systems, bar code tracking database software, and system components including bar code label printers, bar code scanners, bar code label software and inventory tracking software, labeling machines, and label dispensers at competitive prices.

RighterTrack offers standard and custom labels cover a wide range of applications and industries and include hard-to-find label adhesive solutions, including new patented security labels, security seals, and custom security tape products.

RighterTrack can be reached at 215-493-7191.