3D QR Code Sculpture: Gimmick or Solid Marketing Strategy?

3D qr code sculptureI'm sure you've seen plenty of 2D bar codes, including QR codes and Microsoft Tags that can be scanned with a smart phone and are becoming ubiquitous on print ads and web pages. But have you seen what's described as a 3D QR code sculpture?

(Follow the link to read a short description on Springwise.com, along with a two-minute video about how the code is used.)

(Image Courtesy of Emart)

I haven't seen this for myself (it's in Seoul, Korea), but it's the centerpiece of a marketing campaign by a company called Emart - think Korean Walmart - to pull in shoppers during slower selling hours. In this example the code is designed to be scanned between 12 and 1 pm. That's when the combination of sunlight and shadows on the sculpture allows it to align and therefore scan properly.

The size of the sculpture and the novelty seem likely to attract customers, I guess it's just a matter of providing the right deals and significant savings to keep them returning. It would be interesting to know how the sculpture was constructed and what it's made of.

Have you seen anything similar here in the United States or where you live? If so, I'd love to see a photo or hear about unusual bar code marketing campaigns.