Have You Heard the Barcode Band?

Barcode BandMusic and bar codes. Not much of a connection. At least that's what I thought.

Until I came across this article on PC World where bar code scanners are used to create electronic music.

It's pretty amazing, and opens up limitless possibilities for music creation.

Don't miss the video below (you may need to turn your speakers down a little, the electric guitar toward the beginning is fairly high volume), but it's a fantastic sound experience.

Barcode band from Kang woon Jin on Vimeo.

The creators, Korean designer Ha Lim Lee and graphic designer Woo Jin Kanh, teamed up to produce what's called the "Barcode Band." Each bar code represents a different instrument, say an electric guitar, drums, or cymbals.

Using a bar code scanner (or several), users can then sample the different sounds and connect them together, producing music.

With just bar codes on a page and scanners, you've got your own backup group.

Just think, there may come a time when the DJ at your favorite club carries a couple of bar code scanners instead of a bunch of electronic equipment. You never know.