An Edible Bar Code?

Bar-Code restaurantAs regular readers of The Bar Code News, you probably know we're constantly scouring the web for unusual bar codes. And I think I've found one.

Now you might have gotten your hopes up after reading the headline, thinking this was a bar code you could eat. But in fact, it's a restaurant called Bar-Code (the Germanic umlaut sits above the "o").

Located in Washington, DC, Bar-Code, not surprisingly is billed as a Restaurant-Bar-Lounge. It looks to be about two years old, and offers plenty of opportunities for fun, both during the day and into the night.

With happy hour starting at 3 o'clock, and plenty of late night entertainment throughout the week, Bar-Code seems to offer high energy along with an extensive food and drink menu. So let me turn the tables on you.

If you live in DC or have visited recently, have you tried Bar-Code? What did you think?

Have you heard of other restaurants with a similar moniker? Let us know by commenting below. We'd love to hear from you.