QR Code Takes Over a Cornfield

QR code in cornfieldMost of you, especially those from the midwestern United States, may be familiar with mazes cut from corn fields. But have you seen one with a QR code?

For a family in Canada, it's business as usual, as they create their annual summer corn field design. And courtesy of the Kraay Family Farm, located south of Edmonton, Alberta, we may be seeing the largest QR code in the world. (They've submitted the corn field QR code design to the Guiness Book of World Records for consideration.)

This forward-thinking group saw the growing popularity of QR codes in the marketing world and decided to increase the level of difficulty of their yearly project. But it didn't work perfectly the first time.

Rachel Kraay admitted the QR code didn't scan properly the first time, but she and her family were undaunted. Finding that the contrast between light and dark was not quite right, they went back in with a rototiller and made the paths cut through the field much darker.

When you scan the QR code from above, you'll be taken to the Kraay family's website.

Planning to see this massive QR code for yourself? Don't forget your smart phone, as once you get inside the maze, you can scan 2D code landmarks within the structure, helping you find your way and find out more about the farm.

Have you seen anything like this in your neck of the woods? Tell us more by leaving a comment below (and sending pictures, if you can).