RFID Chipping of Humans?

RFIDI can't resist linking to this story on the Forbes website, showing a short video of an anonymous systems administrator having an RFID chip implanted into his hand with a syringe. Identical to the RFID tags implanted into pets, this cylindrical, 2mm RFID chip was injected into the area between the thumb and first finger.

You can watch the video here (scroll down to the middle of the page).

Your first question, as was mine, is likely "Why?"

According to the author, the recipient (along with seven other people at a computer hacker conference in Washington State), wanted the procedure because he thought it would be cool. But there's something deeper going on.

Like other biometrics - think thumbprints or facial scans - there's little chance of identity theft, and at $30 for the RFID implantation, the procedure is cheaper, faster, and more reliable. Recipients envision getting rid of keys and keycards, and gaining entry to their homes, cars, and offices by simply waving a hand past an RFID reader.

As with other more "permanent" identification procedures, this idea creates plenty of dialogue, especially in the area of privacy concerns.

What's your take? Will this or another type of implantation become more mainstream? We'd love to hear what you think. Leave a comment below.