RFID Tag Search Engine Update by VeryFields

VeryFields Renewed Its RFID Tag Search Engine

Treviso, Italy - October 2012 – VeryFields, the website aimed at helping RFID professionals stay informed about RFID tags on the market and find the best tag models for their applications, has renewed its RFID tag search engine to make searches easier and quicker.
The new RFID tag search engine, available at http://www.veryfields.net/search-rfid-tags.php , features a clearer graphic interface and a more functional classification of the RFID tag characteristics that make the use of the tool more effective.
The RFID tag searches are based on the world’s largest database of RFID tags with products coming from more than 50 of the best tag manufacturers worldwide. The database hosts more than 1500 HF and UHF tags based on a wide range of RFID technologies.
VeryFields allows users to make searches by selecting a limited range of tag characteristics without registration, or with fully unlocked capabilities by registering for free.
Contact information:
Website: http://www.veryfields.net
E-mail address for enquires: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .