Bar Coded Sushi?

Barcoded sushi barI ran across this article about a sushi restaurant in the Los Angeles area featuring a revolving sushi bar, and couldn't resist writing about it.

I do love sushi, but what really struck me was the way plates of sushi can be sorted using the good, old, bar code.

In this case, a chain called Gatten Sushi uses a revolving sushi bar that makes its way around the entire restaurant, not just the sushi counter. You can pull a plate of sushi off the line, no matter where you're seated.

But the best part?

The revolving line includes a bar code scanner, tasked with culling the plates of sushi that have been circling too long. The rejects are directed onto a side belt for disposal.

What a great idea!

You free up employees to perform other jobs and maintain food quality standards at the same time.

Have you seen bar codes used this way? Have you eaten at Gatten Sushi? Leave a comment below and give us more details. Bon Appetit!