SnapTags Aid Hurricane Relief Via Mobile Voter App

snaptags for hurricane reliefWith relief efforts as a result of Hurricane Sandy continuing this week, many Americans in unaffected parts of the country may be looking for a way to aid those hardest hit.

That's why several Colorado companies have joined forces to engage voters while supporting east coast food banks.

Justin's, a producer of organic nut butter spreads, iVote Mobile, a mobile app platform for gathering public opinion, and SpyderLynk, creator of the SnapTag, are encouraging Americans to vote by offering an incentive.

For every vote cast via the mobile app before the presidential election, Justin's has pledged to donate a peanut butter squeeze pack (up to 250,000 packs) for people affected by the hurricane.

It's not the first time we've seen partnerships formed in the aftermath of natural disasters, but these companies have moved quickly, finding an avenue to gather useful poll data while supporting those hardest hit by the storm.

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