Bar Codes as Art in Seattle

We've seen plenty of QR codes in public places for marketing and advertising purposes, but it's great when city government and artists work together in creating unique projects incorporating bar codes.Seattle skyline

 This bar code artwork in the Seattle area, offers a visual narrative, cataloguing more than 200 years of SoDo history (part of the city's Industrial District).

Patterned after New York City's SoHo, the Seattle neighborhood's nickname originally meant South of the Kingdome (home of the NBA's Supersonics). But with the stadium's demolition in 2000, it's come to represent an area south of downtown.

Click through to the photos, and see the bar code stencils adorning concrete columns supporting the Spokane Street Viaduct. The visual must be great for drivers, and the article indicates the whole bar code pattern comes together when viewed from specific points on the roadway.

Do you live in the Seattle area? We'd love to hear from someone who has seen the bar codes in person.