Promotions For You Presents I.C.E. KEYTAGS - The Simple Solution For Emergency Contacts

I.C.E. KEYTAGS offer peace of mind and an inexpensive, effective way to ensure emergency responders are able to contact loved ones quickly.

PITTSBURGH, PA, September 17, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- I.C.E. KEYTAGS are a simple, innovative way to ensure that first responders can find your loved ones' contact numbers quickly in case of accident or emergency. Many people choose to store their I.C.E. (In Case of Emergency) numbers on their cell phones but phones are often locked, and frequently broken in automobile accidents. As a result, it can take hours for officials to locate next-of-kin, which can mean heart-breaking and critical delays.

The key tags have a red band labeled I.C.E. that makes them easily distinguishable from other tags on a key ring. On the back, the owner writes the number of their emergency contact - they can also enter a phone number in case keys are lost. Tag holders can also download a free EMS information form from the website; this gives essential medical information that can be stored in the car - small window decals alert emergency personnel to look for the information.

"If someone you love were in a serious accident tonight, how can you be sure you would be the one notified?" asks I.C.E. KEYTAGS founder Tom Force. "The I.C.E. tag system is a simple, low-tech, highly effective solution."

Tags are sponsored by local businesses as an innovative strategy that combines solid marketing principals to build customer loyalty and referrals with life-saving potential. They receive a customized key tag to promote their brand, a dynamic QR Code for additional marketing on the back of the tag, inclusion on the PA page of our national deals website,, and the ability to offer "tag holder only deals" while being recognized as a community partner.

Robert Lazor of Promotions For You has been selected by I.C.E. Key Tags' founder Tom Force to develop the market for the I.C.E. KEYTAGS system in Pennsylvania. "It's an easy decision to promote a product that offers multiple benefits to both society and sponsors," says Lazor. "Our mission is to develop promotional programs that are unique, affordable and effective."



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