Cashless System from Cashless, LLC Masters the Colorado State Fair

Southern California (PRWEB) September 17, 2013

Cashless, LLC[1] provided a suite of services that controlled commerce throughout the duration of the annual State Fair. All food, beverage, games and rides utilized the system; as well vendors throughout the Fairgrounds, Event Center, Amphitheatre, Grandstands, and Carnival Midway for the entire 13-day run.

“The Cashless System outperformed all of our expectations,” states Chris Wiseman, General Manager of the Colorado State Fair. “We even experienced a power outage and an unexpected thunder and lightning storm. Through it all, the system stayed up and we never missed a beat.”

Major headline acts such as Lynyrd Skynyrd, Dwight Yoakam, Creedance Clearwater Revival, and the Oakridge Boys rocked the Colorado State Fair while handheld point of sale devices roamed the audience taking mobile customer orders - real time.

“We are extremely pleased with the performance and reliability of the Cashless System,” said Larry Dunnwald, CEO of Cashless, LLC. With over 600 active point-of sale devices operating within a private wireless network, thousands of orders were processed concurrently with sub-second response times. “During Fiesta day and our busiest nights, we were slammed with customers,” states Bob Carruth, owner of Manhattans. “The speed of this system kept us serving customers instead of counting and fumbling with cash, and that really improved our bottom line.”

With real-time reporting capabilities, Cashless provided vendors with immediate revenue statistics while electronic receipts informed customers of their recent expenditures. “Due to its unique design and architecture, there is no impact to system performance when producing real time financials and other reporting metrics,” states Kevin Cooper, CEO of NCompassTrac.

For the first time in the Fair’s history, management could monitor sales and revenue trends of every vendor operating at the Colorado State Fair. “With this year under our belt, we are already looking at ways to further improve upon an already fantastic system,” said Wiseman. “We think this is the solution for anyone looking to streamline the inherent problems and risk associated with running a cash-based event.”

About Cashless, LLC[2]: Cashless, LLC. is a wholly owned subsidiary of MOBILEMONEY, Inc. that specializes in providing commercial electronic currency services to festivals, fairs, concerts and special events throughout the United States.

About NcompassTrac LLC[3]: NCompassTrac LLC is a software company that provides cloud based computing solutions to the Automotive, Power Sports and Event markets.


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