Convenience Store Distributor Embraces New Technology with Mobile Sales App for iPad from Ai2

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) September 23, 2013

Software development firm Ai2 today announced that Douglas Companies will implement Ai2’s ProSel solution[1] for mobile sales force automation on the iPad. ProSel is designed for an outside sales representative to build orders, access product information and images, organize electronic content, and scan UPC bar codes.

As technology races to keep up with a demanding mobile workforce, the iPad looks like it has emerged as the leader for enterprise tablet selection. Across several verticals and distribution channels, the struggles of other tablet makers like Windows, Samsung and Android have cleared the way for the iPad, something Ai2 leapt on shortly after the device’s debut.

In wholesale distribution, mobile salespeople are faced with a mountain of “Big Data” that often includes a 10,000-item catalog, customer purchase history, monthly specials, sales flyers and velocity reports. With ProSel, Ai2 offers unique data-management tools for the c-store industry that help them fill “voids,” empty spaces in shelves or missing best-seller items.

“We’re glad Douglas Companies is joining our customer family, and it’s great that they’re going to use ProSel to its fullest,” said Douglas Katich, CEO for Ai2. Katich was referring to the fact that Douglas plans to roll out ProSel to some of its retail customers as well, a configuration option for distributors who license the solution.

ProSel is a scalable and flexible sales solution for mobile professionals in several different wholesale distribution verticals including convenience, food, jewelry, industrial paper, janitorial supply, wine and spirits. The benefits its users report include reduced printing costs, a sharp reduction in order entry errors and virtually zero IT maintenance. According to another ProSel user, City Wholesale, “ProSel running on the iPad empowers our salespeople to serve our customers even better. Our salespeople love the application. It is making them more productive while eliminating the need for them to lug laptops and stacks of paper with them everywhere they go. From an IT perspective, our sales reps require virtually no tech support. ProSel just works.”

ProSel’s core functions include order entry, quickly browsing and searching a 75,000-plus item catalog, bar code scanning for accuracy, customer buying history and enterprise content management – a digital briefcase for PDFs, images, video and other business content.

Douglas Companies was founded in 1973 in Texarkana, Arkansas. They are currently headquartered in Conway, Arkansas. They employ approximately 100 people and service accounts throughout Arkansas and in portions of its surrounding states. Founder Jack Douglas’ children are both very active participants in the business today. For more information, visit[2]

Ai2 was founded in 1986 and is headquartered in downtown Chicago. Their applications are used by more than 100,000 users each day to capture upwards of $100 billion in annual sales. More than 10,000 retail stores and more than 1,000 movie theaters use Ai2 solutions for their order entry needs. Ai2 improves the sales process for some of the world’s largest distributors in foodservice, convenience store, grocery, beverage, hardware, medical, beauty products, jewelry and more. For more information about Ai2, visit[3].


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