No NFC -Current Apple Statement Clouds Adoption of Mobile Payments

    BEAVERTON, OR, September 26, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The most recent announcement by Apple, Inc. of its most up-to-date phones has developed significant concern in the technological and payments industries. The new phones do not feature a commonly embraced protocol known as "Near Field Communications" or "NFC". This feature permits gadgets to exchange data.

This multi-purpose attribute can also be used in mobile payment applications and makes use of the exact same radio frequency as the "Radio Frequency Identification" or "RFID" protocol: 13.56 MHz. That is the exact frequency used by the chips and payment systems created around contactless credit, ATM and debit payment cards carried by almost everyone.

This item from the DailyFinance website gives some added analysis of the move by Apple and the competing technologies ("AirDrop" and "iBeacon") they will certainly include in iOS 7. Additionally talked about there are the degrees of adoption of NFC by competing phone, gadget and OS service providers.

According to Rick Dondo, Director of Advertising and Marketing for CARMick Products: "This move will certainly further perplex the industry and result in additional delays in the deployment of mobile payments with Mobile phones. This will certainly imply wallet-sized payment cards of all types will certainly prevail for longer than could have been the situation if Apple had actually used NFC. Therefore, customers desiring the benefit of 'swipe and go' transactions cards will certainly be holding contactless cards longer than might otherwise have been expected."

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