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Denver, Colorado (PRWEB) October 01, 2013

Cadre Technologies[1], a leading warehouse management systems company, announced today that its Accuplus WMS[2] is now available in a managed services hosted environment. The system is available to new customers and current Accuplus users who need to upgrade servers and platform software, including the operating system.

The system is hosted at ViaWest, the leading collocation services provider in North America. The ViaWest implementation establishes a standardized hosting platform for Accuplus with flexibility and secure data communications, to provide a tailored configuration for each customer’s unique requirements.

“ViaWest’s secure data centers provide our customers with a stable environment to effectively manage their software,” explained Roger Rountree, Cadre’s Vice President of Marketing. “ViaWest’s expert staff can easily provide support including scalable storage, redundant bandwidth and ongoing operational support. This allows our customers to focus on warehousing operations rather than IT.”

ViaWest also hosts Cadre’s LogiView logistics visibility platform in a Software as a Service (SaaS) model and its Cadence Warehouse Management System. LogiView is used for supply chain visibility and electronic data integration with many Cadre customers using a variety of WMS type solutions.

The hosted environment for Accuplus[3] provides peace of mind for customers. Rather than running dedicated infrastructure on in-house servers, customers can work directly with ViaWest and Cadre to ensure the infrastructure is effectively managed and monitored 24 hours a day. In the hosted environment, ViaWest is responsible for day-to-day operational IT and continual monitoring of the platform. In combination with Cadre support, it becomes a totally managed platform.

For more information on Accuplus, LogiView and Cadence hosting, contact Mike Markham, VP of Sales, mike(dot)markham(at)cadretech(dot)com, 913-492-5700, Ext. 103.

About Cadre Technologies
Cadre Technologies is a leading innovator of software for fulfillment and logistics operations including order management, warehouse management, transportation management and activity billing. The company is based in Denver, Colorado with offices in Lenexa, Kansas and Maryland. For more information contact Roger Rountree at 303‐217- 7037 or visit Cadre’s website at[4].

About ViaWest
ViaWest is the leading collocation provider in North America. We enable businesses to leverage both their existing IT infrastructure and emerging cloud resources to deliver the right balance of cost, scalability and security. Our data center services include a comprehensive suite of fully compliant environments, premium wholesale and retail colocation, private and public clouds and managed services. For additional information on ViaWest, please visit[5] or call 1-877-448-9378. Follow ViaWest on LinkedIn, Twitter or visit their YouTube channel.


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