ASAP Systems Releases its Government-Focused Inventory and Asset...

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) October 01, 2013

ASAP Systems helps the government-focused industry by providing a powerful, configurable, and easy-to-use inventory and asset tracking system for improving overall inventory control with immediate access to assets. Passport is scaled to fit all levels of the government from the federal[1] government, to state and local departments. ASAP Passport provides solutions in many areas including transportation departments, waste and recycling departments, public works, building departments, facilities management sectors, and recreational parks. ASAP Systems adds value to every form of government by scaling the system to fit current and future needs and provide efficient control over all inventory life cycles.

At the federal, state[2], and local level, Passport optimizes stock inventory control to reduce shrinkage and better monitor when items need to be reordered and restocked. All government related inventory items tracked include office supplies, vehicle parts, and medication. The powerful Passport inventory and asset tracking system allows government users to view current inventory, locations, quantities, users and more. In addition, Government-owned inventory items can be tracked and defined within Passport as standard, serialized, batch-lot, serialized with quantity, and non-inventory.

Passport asset tracking provides government managers with an efficient menu-driven system of tracking assets such as vehicles, laptops, computers, cellphones, and significant government-mandated records. All these items can be tracked by location, serial numbers, and checked in and out to employees to account for lost and misplaced equipment. Government-owned employees are also given immediate access to asset location, government documents, never miss a schedule maintenance events.

“We adapted our Passport inventory and asset tracking system to meet the exact needs for all levels of the government including federal, state, and local[3] agencies,” said Tim Kotyuk, Marketing Director at ASAP Systems.

In addition, Government agencies can customize and configure reports to view the status of assets in real time and in the past. Our system provides quick and easy access to systematically track manage, and locate significant documents and files for immediate use. Generate, manage, and schedule maintenance on vehicles, equipment, IT assets, and furniture.


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ASAP Systems Releases its Government-Focused Inventory and Asset...

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