QrReal.com Launches Lead Capture QR Codes for Real Estate Industry

Boston, MA (PRWEB) October 05, 2013

QrReal.com was founded by software developer Don Rzeszut and Real Estate Broker Robert Nichols. Both Don and Robert have worked in their respective industries for over a decade and have teamed up to create an innovative way for real estate agents to capture more leads from their existing web traffic. Together, these industry experts have developed the next generation of QR codes for real estate.

Software developer Don Rzeszut got the idea of lead capture QR codes in 2011 when working on another development project. After brainstorming and discussing the uses of this new technology with experts across several industries, Don reached out to Rob. After the first discussion, they both quickly realized that this technology would add a ton of value to the real estate industry.

Standard QR codes send clients to a website, virtual tour, listing details page, etc., which is convenient for the consumer, but only provides minimal value to agents. QrReal.com’s QR codes provide a significant advantage over standard QR codes by instantly capturing a client’s cell phone number and sending the agent a text message with the lead’s information when scanned. The lead is then sent a link to the information an agent wishes to share with them. Additionally, the lead’s cell phone number is stored in the agent’s QrReal.com dashboard, so when the agent logs into their account, they can send a text message to leads individually, or set up a campaign for a group of leads that scanned the QR code. This is a very effective way to communicate announcements such as an Open House or a price reduction or even to market other similar homes since the agent will know the price range and location the lead is interested in.

With technology moving in the direction of mobile marketing as the primary platform, it is important for real estate professionals to position themselves to connect with the next generation of buyers and sellers. According to the NAR (National Association of Realtors) Generation X accounted for 31% of homebuyers while Generation Y accounted for 28% in 2013. Together, these two groups currently account for the largest percentage of homebuyers in America, nearly double the amount of baby boomers (32%). The majority of these buyers are between the ages of 28-39, which means that they are generally tech savvy and own a smart phone. QR codes provide agents with an opportunity to connect with clients on their mobile devices. In addition to capturing more leads with QR codes, the text messaging feature allows agents to make the connection in real time. Text messaging has been proven to be a much more efficient medium to communicate. According to a recent study, text messages (SMS) have over a 99% open rate and over 90% of text messages are read within the first 3 minutes of being received. Now compare this with email marketing. Based on the best estimates, email marketing has an open rate of 47% and a read rate of only 25%.

QrReal.com’s technology provides the complete mobile solution for today’s real estate marketing by providing agents with technology that allows them to connect with new clients using QR codes and instantly engage through text messaging. For more information about QrReal.com’s lead capture technology, visit http://www.QrReal.com[1] or contact Robert Nichols at 617-674-2077.


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