Leading Ecommerce Fulfillment Services Provider Celebrates Another Year of Being One of the Best Strategic Fulfillment Partners in Los Angeles

Los Angeles (PRWEB) October 10, 2013

Imagine Fulfillment Services (IFS), a world leader in E-commerce fulfillment services, celebrates the one-year anniversary of its milestone transfer to a more expansive facility. With more than 15 years as one of the trusted names in order fulfillment and logistics, the company has grown to 120 employees strong and recently added new Fortune 500 company clients.

Imagine Fulfillment Services is also celebrating its third year maximizing Liteview, its cloud-based enterprise CRM/WMS order-taking solution that manages direct response, E-commerce and B2B orders from post-sale through final ship date — in real time. With fresh talent, new technology and the same old commitment to service, Imagine Fulfillment Services (http://www.imaginefulfillment.com/[1]) aims to reach out, cater to and provide high quality service for more clients.

Whether a small online shop or a large-scale business, every business needs a reliable strategic fulfillment partner when it comes to taking care of orders and shipment. Especially when one owns a budding E-commerce shop, the right fulfillment service provider is vital if the owner plans on expanding and taking advantage of what a business can achieve in the market. But more than just looking for an offsite logistics service provider, business owners must seek out a high-quality, low-cost provider that can cater to all needs — be it product fulfillment, warehousing, CRM and even the handling of temperature-sensitive storage.

This is exactly what IFS is all about — making itself the clear choice for any business owner seeking a Southern California-based fulfillment and logistics provider. By offering customized assembly, kitting, returns management, cross docking and even inventory management — all at low costs — Imagine Fulfillment Services has established itself as a true leader in the fulfillment industry. With its location near the extremely busy Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, as well as Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), Imagine Fulfillment Services is in the perfect area to handle your shipments. And the company even ships orders to eBay, Amazon and any other key online retail partner.

But more than just offering clients with comprehensive fulfillment service, Imagine Fulfillment Services takes its service one step higher. Each key area of your business is managed by IFS leaders who have no less than 15 years of experience in the field. From operations to sales-and-marketing to IT to client services (and more), the IFS team has the experience to handle your every request. Not only that, but the company provides 24/7 customer care and assistance, and with the help of its location and easy access to the top couriers and shipping companies, Imagine Fulfillment Services can offer its clients a significantly better, cheaper and more time- and cost-efficient service. A year after its transfer to an even bigger location, the company still maintains its mission to provide the best fulfillment service available.

With its constant drive to use enhanced technology to maximize efficiencies and to ensure customer satisfaction, Imagine Fulfillment Services has effectively empowered many businesses simply with the power of its own services and capabilities.

One of the best examples of this is the company’s Liteview customer relationship management solution. Liteview is located in the cloud, accessible from all popular Web browsers and is both PC and Mac friendly. Liteview includes a comprehensive front-end user module, a complete suite of management tools for administering inventory and order history, a secure online access portal and a suite of online marketing tools plus a host of online tutorial videos.

For those who want to share in the company’s vision for growth, as well as its capability to unlock a business’ potential, visit Imagine Fulfillment Services’ website at http://www.imaginefulfillment.com/[2].

Based in La Mirada, Calif., Imagine Fulfillment Services (IFS) was founded in 1998 in a successful effort to establish a full-service, international, turnkey fulfillment house of the highest quality and service capability. A proud member of the Direct Response Marketing Alliance (DRMA), today IFS is a leading service provider offering enhanced technology and customer care, with competitive pricing, dedicated customer service teams, multiple platform integration and more. For more information, visit: http://www.imaginefulfillment.com/[3].


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