FusionRMS Introduces Integrated Warehouse Management System for Acumatica

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) October 11, 2013

FusionRMS today released a new version of their popular WMS (Warehouse Management System) called FusionWMS for Acumatica.

FusionWMS for Acumatica was developed in response to customers' requests for more advanced warehouse functionality, including wireless hand-held integration.

"FusionWMS for Acumatica is a great marriage between two best-in-class software companies." says Mike Gill, President of FusionRMS. "Acumatica customers can get the latest functionality for warehouse management, including wireless hand-held support."

Many companies leverage hand-held wireless devices to increase speed and accuracy of order fulfillment. Historically, their options have been limited. With FusionRMS for Acuamtica, customers get real-time data integration with Acumatica along with a user-friendly Windows CE interface.

Customers' current options are also limited when it comes to moving product between distribution centers and/or stores, creating pick-lists using multiple criteria such as customer, specific items, and more. For high value items, many companies track serial numbers in the fulfillment process. FusionWMS for Acumatica is the only solution on the market that meets all these needs. FusionWMS for Acumatica also performs standard warehouse management functionality including:

  •     Sales order picking and/or shipping
  •     Purchase order receiving and put-away
  •     Inventory movement between and within locations
  •     Inventory quantity checks
  •     Physical count (coming soon)

"With our technology architecture, we can scale to handle a huge amount of SKUs, devices and warehouse/product locations." says Gill. "We are excited about the warehouse management capability we can bring to Acumatica's customers and look forward to exceeding their expectations in the future."

About FusionRMS

FusionRMS is a Dallas, Texas based software publisher that focuses on providing integrated point of sale software systems custom designed for the retail environment. Their unique architecture integrates into most major accounting systems, and can be hosted in the cloud for maximum flexibility. Their strong and growing customer base in multi-store retail markets are spread throughout North America. For more information, please visit http://www.fusionrms.com[1].


  1. ^http://www.fusionrms.com (www.fusionrms.com)

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