BellHawk Introduces New Unified Picking Module

Materials picking and movement is an important part of any inventory and work-in-process tracking solution. In previous versions of BellHawk we had separate picking mechanisms for sales orders, job step bills of materials, kits, and materials move tickets. This was very confusing for materials handlers who often had to deal with all of these different types of pick orders in the course of a day.

So now in BellHawk Version 6 we have gone to a uniform picking arrangement. This enables barcoded pick sheets to be generated in a uniform way for manufacturing job step bills of materials, ship orders, move tickets and kits of materials. Material handlers now get the same pick sheet for all of these and a single Pick transaction. The pick sheet indicates what job or customer they are picking for and the destination location.

The Pick transaction enables users to locate and pick the oldest material first. It also checks that the material handlers are picking the correct materials and that the materials have the appropriate quality assurance status for the destination.

As part of this change, the BH-PICK module designation is now used for the unified picking module. The subscription fee for the new PICK is $90/month. We have also reduced the subscription fee for the Sales Order module BH-SO to $90/month from $135/month as now  it does not include the ability to generate barcoded pick sheets for an order without the PICK module.

As part of this, we will shortly be introducing an updated KIT module (BH-KIT) at $90/month. This will enable the import of a Kit bill of materials relating a top-level part to a kit of material part numbers that is represented by the top-level part number. This can then be used in kit picking for job steps and in sales order shipments.

For now, in BellHawk V6, we have dropped the KanBan replenishment feature (was in V5) until we have customer demand for it. Then we will re-introduce it as an add-on to PICK. Also the Fetch function in V5 is now handled as part of PICK, through manual entry of Pick Orders.

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