SJF Material Handling Announces New Upgraded Release of it's SurePik Entry Level Warehouse Management (WMS) Software

Winsted, MN (PRWEB) October 18, 2013

Today SJF Material Handling[1] (Winsted, MN), in cooperation with business partner SurePik Automation[2] announced that effective Oct. 2013, all SurePik software will ship with upgrade expandability pre-installed. This new feature will provide users the ability to '1-click' upgrade the software. Users who need access to advanced features and functionality can now get it with nothing more than a simple button click.

According to SurePik Automation spokesman Mike Fortin, this software was designed for WMS users seeking a flexible warehouse management solution. SurePik users now get easy access to upgrades that come pre-installed on all its WMS software. According to Fortin, this enhancement is a substantial time and money saver for users of the SurePik software.

With SurePik, users can access, update and implement advanced features and functionality without incurring costly custom programming and/or hardware upgrade costs. Costly upgrades traditionally associated with many legacy systems in use today are avoided. In addition, any future inventory management requirements such as growth, advanced reporting, or cross-platform compatibility, can all be accomplished by simply accessing components already built into SurePik's software.

To find out more about SurePik Automation and its lineup of warehouse management and inventory management software solutions, go to[3].


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