School Trip Destinations, Right into Smart Phone Apps! 'QR Learning - Gangwon' Launched

    ANYANG, SOUTH KOREA, October 31, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Breeze & Bridge Co., Ltd ( have announced that they released the Gangwon edition of 'QR's Jolly school trip'; an active learning textbook and application. Users can learn and play games during their school trips. The 'Gangwon edition' includes information about famous school trip spots Sulak mountain, Naksansa and Gyeongpodae, as well as the 'Tongil Tower' providing students with a sound knowledge on the unification of Korea. So far, the 'QR learning' series has dealt with Gongju & Buyeo, Gyeongju, Jeju and Gangwon, covering every important school trip destinations.

School trips to experience historical remains and eco-environments are one of the most important parts of the curriculum for elementary students. It is, however, impossible for homeroom teachers to give students perfect explanations on the destinations while taking care of all the students. How could they make an environment where students could enjoy field trips without losing interest in learning about historical places and eco environments?

With this idea, the active learning tool 'QR's Jolly' has been created. The learning workbook comprises of images and QR codes and has a strap making it very convenient for students to enjoy learning and games while travelling. The workbooks contain a lot of characters and by just shooting QR codes users can access additional content like webtoons, games, and quizzes that provide information. QR learning's know-how lies here; turning information that could be somewhat difficult and boring to students, into exciting and fun content. A research group consisting of elementary school teachers joined the production of the content, giving it a higher quality.

"Usually, during school trips, there is a lot of waiting time and travel time, but with QR learning students did not get distracted or lose interest and play with their smart phones", Park Jung-Seok, an elementary school teacher at Seochon elementary school who actually used 'QR's jolly school trip' on their school trip said adding, "with the newly added warming up quiz, we had great fun. It also made it much easier for me as a teacher to guide the students."

'QR's jolly school trip' is 7,000 Won per set and a discounted price is applied when bought in bulk for school trips. The information about the places, historical remains and important facilities in the Gongju & Buyeo, Gyeongju, Jeju and Gangwon edition are available at[2].



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