Agrisoft Development Group Launches New Biometric and RFID Tracking...

Kansas City, MO (PRWEB) November 04, 2013

The relatively young medical and licit cannabis industry receives a high-technology boost this month as Agrisoft Development Group, LLC launches its Seed-to-Sale Software Suite at the 2013 National Marijuana Business Conference and Expo, November 6 – 8 in Seattle. Only in its second year, the conference is the most important event of the year for the medical and licit cannabis industry. Agrisoft will be located in the Dixie Elixirs & Edibles expo booth.
    “Agrisoft Seed to Sale™ is the most comprehensive cannabis-tracking and management tool in the industry,” says COO, Matt Cook. “It is designed to help dispensaries become more efficient and transparent. The system allows states and dispensaries to collaborate to ensure accountability and tax collection and to prevent the diversion of licit cannabis.” Agrisoft is headquartered in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, with offices in Kansas City, Missouri.

    Agrisoft Seed-to-Sale™ Software is the first to combine a variety of modules that manage all aspects of cannabis production and sale. Features include radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags with bar codes to track each plant from seedling to harvest; bio-identification access points and security cameras throughout growing facilities; an inventory module with point-of-sale and patient-history archives; a processing management tool for marijuana-infused products; stringent traceability safeguards; and a tax-accounting module. In addition, an application interface allows state agencies to deploy a separate Agrisoft software suite that lets states easily verify production and sales at dispensaries to ensure accountability and tax collection where required by law. “In an industry that once was managed from the hip pocket,” says CEO Charles Ramsey, “modern producers and dispensaries have lacked a software solution that would keep them in compliance with expanding state regulations while remaining efficient and profitable. Agrisoft Seed-to-Sale™ was designed to meet that demand.”

    According to Ramsey, the system is rapidly deployable and easily configured. Production, processing, and dispensary sales are tracked and transacted from one, easy-to-use computer screen. All information is housed in a secure, underground data center in the Midwest.

    COO, Matt Cook helped craft and launch the product from his experience as an architect of Colorado’s medical marijuana statute and regulations. A career law enforcement professional, and former senior director of enforcement for the Colorado Department of Revenue, Cook supervised gaming, tobacco, alcohol and racing, among other activities over his distinguished career. Since 2007 he has consulted with states as they write their medical-cannabis statutes and hone their regulations. “Our mission is to bring relief to patients by bringing the medical cannabis industry into the light of day with software tools that provide compliance through transparency,” says Cook.

    In many states, laws require that dispensaries may grow only a limited number of cannabis plants per patient—indoors, under high security. Numerous growing rooms may contain plants in specific stages of maturity. Each cannabis plant may be tagged with a bar code and RFID tag. “RFID technology is important,” says Ramsey, “because thousands of plants may be accounted for in an instant with the wave of a hand-held RFID scanner by the grower or upon inspection by regulatory agents.” This technology-software combination lets producers (which often are dispensaries as well) and government officials track the location of each plant, its stage of maturity, its strain, and the retail-ready inventory of dried “buds” or flowers. These buds contain the concentrated, therapeutic compounds required by patients.
    An additional module of this software lets manufacturers of infused products track and manage every stage of production from extraction of medical compounds, to finished candy, beverage, or snack. “Infused products provide “non-smokable” methods for many sick people to gain the analgesic effects of cannabis,” says Ramsey.
    Medical cannabis is recommended by doctors to patients who suffer the effects of chemotherapy, Crone’s disease, multiple sclerosis, seizures, glaucoma, HIV, cancer, persistent muscle spasm, Alzheimer’s disease, and, in some states, post-traumatic stress disorder, and insomnia, among others.
    “No two states are alike in their medical-cannabis regulations,” says Matt Cook. “Our job is to keep our finger on the pulse of this emerging and fluid industry by providing management tools that keep producers and dispensaries in compliance.”

    Agrisoft Development Group is a Sioux Falls, South Dakota, software developer that specializes custom software for producers, dispensaries, and regulatory agencies in the medical cannabis industry and has offices in Kansas City, Missouri. A video tour of the product may be viewed at


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