Inventory Control, Warehouse Management Software Vendor Expands Product Lines

Additions to the BellHawk Product Line

Based on feedback from prospective customers we have expanded our BellHawk product line to include:

  1. BellHawk Inventory Tracking System (BITS) - from $3,000 for a perpetual license. Provides simple-to-use wireless warehouse management capabilities. Can automatically exchange data with accounting systems such as QuickBooks Enterprise. Designed for the smaller organization that just need to track inventory in their warehouse or stock room.
  2. BellHawk Small Business Bundle (SBB) - from $7,500 for a perpetual license for an inventory and work-in-process tracking system that combines the capabilities of a warehouse management and production tracking in one integrated package. Can automatically exchange data with accounting systems such as QuickBooks Enterprise. Suitable for small to mid-sized organization that need an integrated materials tracking solution that is simple to use.
  3. BellHawk Standard - from $540/month subscription fee for the BellHawk software installed at the client's site or at a remote data center in the "Cloud". BellHawk Standard provides a wide range of materials tracking and traceability capabilities through optional modules.  It can automatically exchange data with ERP and process control systems as well as with E-Commerce websites. Also it provides interfaces to weighing scales and a wide range of barcode printing equipment. BellHawk Standard is suitable for mid-sized and larger industrial organizations who need a full range of capabilities, either immediately or as they grow. BellHawk Standard is only provided on a subscription basis so larger organizations can expense this cost against their operations budgets and pay for it out of cost savings from improved efficiency and lower data collection and processing costs.
  4. BellHawk Enterprise - provides access to the source code of BellHawk. This is ideal for those large organizations that would otherwise develop their own materials tracking and traceability solutions "from scratch". The availability of the source code and related support services enables these organizations to quickly get their own system up and running by building upon over $2 Million and many years of practical experience invested in the development of the BellHawk software to date.
  5. BellHawk OEM - for those organizations that want to embed the capabilities of BellHawk in their own software or system's offering.

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