NiceLabel Automation Enterprise now offers integration with Web applications


NiceLabel Automation Enterprise now offers integration with Web applications

Ljubljana (Slovenia), November 12, 2013 - NiceLabel, the leading global provider of enterprise labeling software, announces a new version of NiceLabel Automation Enterprise. After recently announcing a new generation of enterprise labeling automation products and Oracle Validated Integration, NiceLabel now extends its integration support for Web applications.

"Global enterprises are continuously challenged by changing customer and regulatory requirements, label and brand consistency and countless label variations. NiceLabel enterprise solutions are designed to reduce the complexity of label design, printing and management,” said Ken Moir, Marketing Director at NiceLabel. "Our end-to-end solutions help enterprises standardize and control labeling across the entire supply chain. Our seamless integration helps our customers ensure the highest levels of labeling quality, process efficiency and data integrity."

NiceLabel Automation products let developers and IT departments quickly add label printing to any application. This release further improves integration with Web applications, as it supports the increased adoption of Web and cloud platforms.

Automation Enterprise now allows Web applications to easily support label printing, label previews and PDF creation. Developers control Automation Enterprise through Web service, TCP/IP and http interfaces.  To learn more about NiceLabel Automation Enterprise, please click here.  


About NiceLabel:

NiceLabel, established in 1993, is the world's leading developer of barcode and RFID labeling software. Its solutions include software for label design, error-free manual printing, automated labeling from other applications and cloud hosted web printing. In collaboration with its global partner network, NiceLabel provides labeling software solutions for companies of all sizes, across most industries (including Fortune 500 companies), delivering higher supply chain efficiency and data accuracy at lower costs.  NiceLabel is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Oracle Gold Partner and SAP partner. NiceLabel is also the world's leading developer of Windows drivers for thermal printers. Most leading printer manufacturers ship NiceLabel-based software with their printers. Through its headquarters in the EU (Slovenia) and global offices in Germany, USA, Singapore and China, NiceLabel serves and supports its clients around the world.


Additional information: NiceLabel EMEA, Metka Silar Sturm, EMEA Marketing Communications Manager, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., +386 4 280 50 17,