Solution providers meet Integrators and Adopters at Internet of Things & WSN USA

Next week the inaugural IDTechEx Internet of Things & WSN USA 2013 event ( will open in Santa Clara, CA - Nov 20-21. The event will provide insight into the technologies, case studies and markets that open as the advent of the internet of things is being realized, ranging from disruptive applications in consumer electronics and electrics, telecommunications, the automotive industry as well as building and industrial automation. Attributing a virtual signature to every device that surrounds us, thus making it uniquely identifiable, will allow for transformations in everyday life, ranging from the way business is conducted, all the way to increased efficiency in communications, transport, medical treatment and a wide range of other services.

Here are some of the highlights:

•       Understand the market drivers from end-users: End users and integrators from a wide range of markets present their needs and experiences. Presentations from companies in the building/construction industry such as Arup and KieranTimberlake all the way to Disney Research, General Motors and the Chrysler group demonstrate the diversity of adopters and their needs, but can also highlight the versatility of the internet of things and the way deploying such platforms will offer solutions to the diverse range of problems different industries face.

•       31% of attendees are end users or systems integrators. Presenters and attendees at the event represent organizations involved in consumer electronics and consumer goods, automotive and aerospace, military, industrial and building automation as well as media and advertising.

•       Technology, product development and roadmaps. See the latest progress from developers across the emerging value chain in the IoT and their enabling technology platforms, with examples including Orange, Deutsche Telekom, SAP, Oracle, IBM, Intel and ARM.  As more products become commercially available, it becomes more and more interesting to identify current and future successful commercialization efforts and the trends that will define the most profitable routes to market.

Alongside this event, IDTechEx is hosting events on allied technologies such as wireless sensor networks, energy harvesting and storage and supercapacitors, those shedding light on a range of technologies that will benefit from collaborative efforts and a clear understanding of the developments in the field of the internet of things.

The conference and tradeshow is hosted by IDTechEx, the leading global market research firm on emerging technologies, and therefore it presents to attendees the most important aspects of the IoT with a focus on commercialization hence, spearheading the effort to drive the industry forward and providing insights to attendees who are looking to increase revenues and profitability. For full details on how to register to attend, please see

Forthcoming Events:

Internet of Things and WSN USA 2013 | November 21-22, 2013, Santa Clara, CA

Internet of Things and WSN Europe 2014 | 1-2 April, 2014, Berlin