Appmosphere’s Reach NFC Tags to be Implemented in Northeast Social

Minneapolis, Minnesota (PRWEB) November 17, 2013

Appmosphere, Inc., Minneapolis mobile app development firm, is pleased to announce the entrance of their product, REACH NFC, into the Minneapolis bar and restaurant scene. Appmosphere has worked with the owners of the Northeast Social on other projects, specifically relating to the Eat Street Social and Tiki Bar, but this will be Appmosphere’s first project within the company’s Northeast Minneapolis location.

NFC stands for ‘near field communication,’ and it allows users with NFC enabled smartphones to obtain or share data with other NFC devices and chips. Reach is a line of tags, (NFC chips residing in various objects) that can be put in strategic places around an establishment allowing clients to use their NFC devices to get coupons, ads, or other simple data. The user simply touches the smartphone to the tag, and information is immediately sent to their phone. This could be a 2 for 1 deal at a coffee shop or next week’s set lineup at a concert venue. By requiring the user to actively obtain the data, any coupon or deal the user finds will feel more like a personal discovery than just another ad.

Businesses have the ability to program their tags to give any offer they see fit. With applications as varied as displaying a menu in a hip restaurant, to guerrilla marketing campaigns, Reach allows businesses to advertise or share information about their company directly with their customers. In the Northeast Social, the tags will be used for viewing their range of signature drinks and current specials.

About Appmosphere, Inc.
Appmosphere is a cutting-edge, full-service provider of mobile application development and marketing strategies. Their vision is to utilize the best technologies to improve people’s lives through useful, relevant, and efficient software tools.

Appmosphere was founded in 2007, putting them at the beginning of the mobile software development revolution. As smartphones have evolved, so have they; Appmosphere has remained at the forefront of all new platforms and technologies.

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