Xterprise Announces New End-to-End RFID Item-level Solution and Major 2013 Milestones

Carrollton, TX (PRWEB) November 20, 2013

Xterprise (USA) L.L.C.[1] (a member of SML Group), the Carrollton, Texas-based RFID software company specializing in inventory management solutions[2], announced today the industry’s first item-level, factory-to-point-of-sale RFID software application targeting the Brand Owner and Specialty Retailer market.

The new product, called Clarity Inventory™[3], was developed with the complete item life-cycle in mind, meaning that the software manages inventory processes at an item level from manufacturing plants, through distribution centers, and into retail stores. This, along with an improved, richer feature set, helps set it apart from the majority of RFID software applications on the market today.

Clarity Inventory™ comes with unmatched functionality compared to other item-level RFID solutions. The application has a number of unique characteristics, including the extremely rapid ROI Xterprise offers customers, made possible by delivering functionality targeted at the highest-cost and most error-prone inventory processes throughout the supply chain. The application also delivers integration flexibility with customers’ existing systems, helping those systems leverage the benefits of RFID and operate at an enhanced level of accuracy. Clarity Inventory™ also sets itself apart because of its installation, deployment and support technologies that take the complexity out of RFID solution roll outs. When these factors are combined with Xterprise’s ability to offer the full solution (including tags through SML Group), brand owners and retailers can bring a fully functioning item-level RFID solution online in a matter of days for a fraction of the cost of other enterprise system deployments.

Brand owners and retailers who have deployed Clarity Inventory™[4] have praised it for its ease of implementation and rapid ROI, helping enforce tighter, more accurate inventory management processes while improving the usefulness of existing non-RFID enterprise systems. Typical results[5] seen so far include 100% elimination of packing mis-shipments, 99% accurate item-level receiving processes, same-store sales lift of over 2% (and even into the double-digits in some cases), in-store inventory accuracy of over 99%, reductions in out-of-stocks by greater than 70%, a 50% reduction in internal shrink and the elimination of third-party inventory audits. Consumers have benefited as well, as retailers using Clarity Inventory™ are able to display a greater variety of items on their sales floors, offering greater product selection in the same amount of space.

According to Xterprise President Dean Frew, Clarity Inventory™ is the culmination of over 5 years of observing, listening to and then building what customers really want and need in an item-level RFID application.

“We continue hearing from brand owners and specialty retailers[6] that they are looking for a complete, proven, easy to deploy item-level RFID solution that creates value in both supply chain and in-store operations,” said Mr. Frew. “[Clarity] Inventory™ meets those needs, bringing in the best of our previous Clarity™[7] products while giving customers richer inventory management capability across their supply chains and stores.”

The product launch comes as the company’s first announcement since becoming part of SML Group, a global manufacturer of apparel trims and RFID tags, earlier this year. In addition to the acquisition, Xterprise has reached a number of other milestones in 2013, including:

  •      becoming the first and only RFID software company to roll out retail RFID applications to stores on five different continents;
  •      completing the first and only global rollout of an item-level RFID software application to every store of a major specialty retailer;
  •      establishing itself as the most deployed third-party RFID software for numerous specialty retail markets, including Brazil, China, Australia, Canada, Japan, South Korea, the Netherlands, United Kingdom and United States;
  •      remaining the only company with RFID item-level applications that has multiple years of implementation experience in both supply-chain and in-store uses;
  •      completing 2.5 years of real-world item-level carton auditing experience, helping major brand owners drive 100% error capture/fix rates.

According to Mr. Frew, the RFID market has been heating up throughout 2013, and with the joint “Tag + Solution” capability Xterprise can offer alongside SML Group, expectations for 2014 are extremely high.

About Xterprise:

Xterprise was founded in 2002 by Dean Frew and was acquired by SML Group in 2013. The company offers item-level RFID solutions with a focus on brand owners and specialty retailers. Built on top of the Clarity™ software platform, Xterprise applications have been deployed in big box retailers, specialty retailers and brand owners across hundreds of sites, utilizing thousands of RFID readers and managing hundreds of millions of RFID mission critical inventory transactions every month. Xterprise features two main software products, Clarity Inventory™ and ARS™ (Advanced Retail System)[9]; both are item-level RFID inventory control and management execution solutions designed for use within the retail store. Clarity Inventory™ also has a full suite of supply chain applications to support manufacturing and distribution operations.

Xterprise is based out of Carrollton, TX. The company can be reached via its website at http://www.xterprise.com[10] or by email at info(at)xterprise(dot)com.


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