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PRLog (Press Release)[1] - Dec. 12, 2013 - The current issue of Industrial Automation profiled Trilogiq USA in the article titled, “Material Handling, Warehousing, and Logistics: 2014 Predictions,” authored by manufacturing journalist, Thomas R. Cutler. Cutler reported, “From geographic expansion to sector diversification each of the companies profiled in this year are experiencing dramatic and significant growth as we enter 2014. It has been both an honor and challenge as a journalist to address the past-paced, ever-changing elements of automation impacting manufacturing, material handling, and logistics. Reviewing those features provides a fascinating insight auguring trends for 2014. The growth of the companies profiled by clearly reflects a strong new market demand.”

Cutler looked at the new trend of holistic material handling or industrial automation practitioner. Since that issue, Trilogiq USA, based in Livonia, MI, held the largest Annual Solution Expo in October and expanded operations into Canada. The team consultative approach is best for 3PLs (third party logistics), large 200,000+ square foot warehouse distribution centers, and manufacturing plants with material handling operating multiple shifts. For 2014, the company will introduce a new fast-acting, short time-commitment version of a kaizen event. Finding rapid solutions with measurable impacts is part of the 2014 model for this progressive company.

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About Trilogiq USA

Trilogiq USA is a full service provider of holistic material handling solutions including in-house engineering capabilities, proprietary products, purchased products, as well as custom designed solutions. The company delivers engineered to order material handling applications to the manufacturing industry. While the company specialty is turnkey projects taken from design to delivery, experience ranges from large turnkey projects to specific, single application development, and any specialty projects.

Trilogiq USA ([3]) was founded in 2000 to provide material handling solutions to manufacturing organizations, with an initial focus on the automotive industry.  Trilogiq USA was a pioneer in identifying automotive industry manufacturing successes and adapting solutions to other industries including aerospace, electronics, appliances, and logistics. Working in all production and manufacturing industry sectors including distribution and warehousing, has made Trilogiq USA the first full-service implementer of best-practice production process improvement solutions.

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