Less Than 1/3 of IT Asset Management Reports Include ROI

Canton, OH (PRWEB) December 17, 2013

Less than a third of IT asset managers include return on investment (ROI) information in their executive management reports, according to a new IAITAM[1] industry survey, ITAM as a Priority. More than half (53%) did not know if there was a monetary savings from the ITAM program due to lack of measurement.

IAITAM’s new survey unveiled that only half of C-level executives have asked for a report detailing the results from the ITAM program. More than two-thirds (67%) of ITAM reports show ITAM gaps and conflict resolutions and over half (54%) show a proposed budget for any new or ongoing ITAM initiatives. A little less than half (49%) outline the potential results for new ITAM initiatives (from cost savings to creation of new efficiencies to increased productivity).

“IT asset managers need to realize that the senior most executives have a different bar for measureable results,” said Barbara Rembiesa, CEO and President, IAITAM. “While reporting gaps and conflict resolutions are invaluable and vital, a CIO or CTO will be much more focused on strategic, bottom-line results such as ROI, increased efficiency, reduction in risk and the like. Bottom-line or ROI results are not necessarily about cost savings. It can be attributed to improved productivity, operational effectiveness or costs avoided.”

One out of five companies holds quarterly ITAM meetings with the C-suite, followed closely by 17% with monthly meetings. There are still 35% of organizations where there are no meetings between the ITAM team and the C-suite.

“ITAM is getting a seat at the senior table, but the industry has to step up and start thinking the way the C-suite does to keep the attention,” continued Rembiesa. “Otherwise, the hard-fought ‘seat at the table’ becomes a lost opportunity. IT Asset Managers must begin to understand and convey information pertinent to their executive audience. ITAM has a real chance of become relevant to the entire company and more than IT Asset Managers believe that they have the support of the C-level executives.”

IT asset managers believe nearly two-thirds of C-level executives (63%) visibly show support. These senior executives show support by providing non-financial resources (49%); publicly enforcing ITAM policies and procedures (47%); include ITAM as part of the overall business plan (44%); and by safeguarding or increasing the ITAM budget, as needed (40%).

Other findings from IAITAM’s ITAM as a Priority survey include:

  •     Nearly 40% did not know what their total ITAM budget is when asked.
  •     Nearly two-thirds of organizations have been audited or been contacted by a software vendor for an audit in the past 12 months with nearly one of five having been audited twice within that time and 14% having had three audits.
  •     40% of organizations currently have a SAM program. One out of four is currently implementing a SAM program and over one-fifth plan to implement a SAM program within the next 12 months for the first time.
  •     Nearly 70% of organizations are using automated software asset management tools. More than 60% are still using an excel spreadsheet or equivalent to track software.
  •     Over half use barcode or RFID asset management tools to track hardware assets (not including mobile devices). Less than 30% use barcode or RFID management tools to manage mobile devices. Nearly 40% use an excel spreadsheet or equivalent to track software on mobile assets.
  •     Nearly half (47%) believe that the ITAM program has impacted the IT organizations overall cost, but over half (53%) did not know if there was a monetary savings from the ITAM program as they did not measure.

The top 10 ITAM priorities in the next 12 months (in order of importance):
1.    Cost reduction in IT
2.    Creating standards
3.    Enterprise cost reduction
4.    Contract management
5.    Policy and procedure
6.    Software license optimization
7.    Software audit readiness
8.    Increasing productivity
9.    Migration of legacy systems
10.    Mobile asset management

About the ITAM as a Priority Survey
IAITAM conducted a survey of 273 IT Asset Managers during August and September 2013 through SurveyMonkey®. The majority of participating respondents come from large, multi-national or global enterprise with 55% having revenues of over $1 billion. Respondents are ITAM practitioners and nearly 60% are responsible for the ITAM strategy. Nearly two-thirds are influencers and nearly one out of five is a decision-maker for ITAM procurement. Nearly half have been working on their organization’s ITAM program for three to 9 years.

The International Association of Information Technology Asset Managers, Inc. (“IAITAM”) the professional association for individuals and organizations involved in any aspect of IT Asset Management (“ITAM”), Software Asset Management (“SAM”), Hardware Asset Management, Mobile Asset Management, IT Asset Disposition and the lifecycle processes supporting IT Asset Management in organizations of every size and industry across the globe. IAITAM certification is the only IT Asset Management certifications that are recognized worldwide. For more information, visit: http://www.iaitam.org[2].


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