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New York, NY (PRWEB) December 26, 2013

Payroll abuse is no stranger to American business. According to the American Payroll Association[1], U.S. businesses lose approximately $148 billion every year due to inefficient time and attendance accounting. That’s where a system like MinuteHound comes in – all that’s needed is a fingerprint.

MinuteHound is a web-based biometric time clock that costs businesses pennies a day to use. Using the MinuteHound time clock, employees are able to clock in using a fingerprint reading that registers on any computers connected to the MinuteHound software. For students, attendance is not roll call but a 1 second scan. This provides an indisputable record of attendance for the school.

The student and employee software[2] is cloud-based, making it accessible from any internet connection in the world. The fingerprints are never stored and cannot be reverse engineered, so employee privacy is always guaranteed. The system data is transmitted to a remote server, eliminating worry about site security or data loss. There is 0 privacy concerns for students, parents, or teachers. Even if the scanner or computer was lost or broken, it would not affect the data at all. Nothing is every stored locally.

Unlike other time clock systems, MinuteHound is the only time clock software that allows multiple companies to clock-in and out using a single terminal, with each individual company’s information organized into separate login entries.

Dr. Katy Barin of NEA Dentistry has written a testimonial[3] saying the MinuteHound system solved the office’s time and attendance issues.

"I sincerely recommend MinuteHound for any business owner,” Barin said. “The time, money, and stress this system spared me ensures it paid for itself many times over.”

The real time system allows for managers to predict tardiness and address payroll abuse, such as time clock manipulation, time card errors, unapproved overtime and buddy punching. As is the case for students, there is a huge increase in safety as students will be accounted for at all times. A principal or whoever needs to know the whereabouts of a student can simply log-in and check their real time status.

Unlike time cards, which can hide attendance inaccuracies, the time clock system automatically calculates exact time and attendance reports. Time cards can rapidly accrue into tedious and inefficient payroll calculation. With MinuteHound, rather than sifting through a mess of time cards, managers have the option of receiving emails and/or text message alerts if an employee is late or leaves early from a shift.

MinuteHound can be installed on any computer, including an office computer, an inventory computer, or a point of sale system computer.

With no limit to how many users can be registered on MinuteHound, the system is available for businesses of all sizes and all industries. Whether your business has five employees or 500, the MinuteHound algorithm can offer a rapid and accurate reading every time. Same with students, whether it is a private school with 100 children or a college campus with thousands, MinuteHound can handle any amount.

The MinuteHound system can be set up in minutes and does not require any training to use. There is support available around the clock for any potential problems. In times of needless payroll labor and time clock abuse, MinuteHound is a comprehensive solution. The biometric time and attendance system is cost-effective for any business.

MinuteHound’s fingerprint reading method eliminates common time clock errors and abuses while protecting employee privacy. MinuteHound’s system allows supervisors to anticipate problems and adjust their staffing needs according to the system’s attendance reports, ensuring that their business runs as smoothly as possible.

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