Introducing Netc EmbraceRF: RFID Technology You Can Identify With™

Trumbull, Connecticut (PRWEB) January 06, 2014

At its core, EmbraceRF is powered by Nebula™, a cloud–based technology essential in defining assets, checkpoint locations, asset ownership, asset movement and asset history. The flexible system design, database structure and reporting function imparts a customized look and feel to the solution while reinforcing the discipline to get the job done in an easy, effective and timely manner.

EmbraceRF supports customer-configured deployment of software and hardware including RFID portals, hand-held RFID & barcode scanners and smartphone apps. The Nebula™ cloud-based reporting system supports audit controls essential in effective asset deployment and life-cycle management.

For additional information on Netc EmbraceRF, email NetcRFID(at)netcllc(dot)com, or visit[1].

About Netc – Netc is a leading global provider of storage solutions including Netc Label System Software, Netc eXpress Labels, Netc eXpress Tape Cartridges, Netc Label Architect, and now, Netc EmbraceRF.


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