Xtreme RFID and Vizinex RFID Partner to Launch The Allied Series: RFID Tags Engineered for Harsh Industrial Environments

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., Jan. 16, 2014

Xtreme RFID, a Cascade Engineering company, today announced it has partnered with Vizinex RFID to develop the VX-Mid, a mid-range, mount-on metal RFID tag. The first in a new Allied Series of tags being introduced, the VX-Mid combines Vizinex’s exclusive ViziCore™ RFID tag technology with Xtreme’s reliable, robust and proprietary plastic injection molding process.

As the use of RFID continues to spread, the need for rugged, long-lived tags that can be used in harsh, industrial environments is increasing. The VX-Mid addresses this need in a compact 1.1” x 2.3” package. Featuring an impressive 25+ foot read range when mounted on metal assets, the VX-Mid has a permanently bonded polypropylene encapsulation that prevents water or chemical ingress (IP68 rated) and provides the ViziCore RFID core added physical protection.

“This new rugged RFID tag ensures a read reliability in difficult conditions, such as ice, snow, rain and fog, almost anything that could interfere with tracking tags,” said Mike Lewis, Business Unit Leader of Xtreme RFID. "Our partnership with Vizinex blends their expertise in RFID technology and Xtreme’s state-of-the-art plastic manufacturing to create one of the most robust tracking products available in the market."

The VX-Mid is the ideal RFID solution for:

  • Oil and gas and other industrial environments where exposure to chemicals, mechanical abuse and temperature extremes is common
  • Yard management and equipment rental applications where extended read range is required and weather extremes and mechanical vibration are concerns
  • Returnable transport Items in manufacturing applications tag durability and longevity are critical
  • Construction environments where weather and physical durability are issues

The design of the VX-Mid incorporates two attachment holes so it can be securely screwed in place. It can also be supplied with a high strength pressure sensitive adhesive as an alternative mounting method.

Production parts will be available in February 2014. For more information or for samples, contact Tim Hoffman at Xtreme RFID at 630.258.8646 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

About Xtreme RFID
Xtreme RFID is a leader in customized design, engineering and manufacturing of rugged RFID tags for harsh environment applications. As a Cascade Engineering company, Xtreme is part of a family-owned business, headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, that has been engineering and manufacturing plastic products for a variety of markets since 1973. With a core competency in plastic injection molding Cascade is a global company with 1,100 employees in thirteen strategic businesses located in 15 facilities throughout North America and Europe. As one of the largest certified "B" corporations in the world Cascade Engineering is a nationally recognized proponent of sustainable business practices that emphasize the key role business can play in building financial, social, and environmental capital. To learn more about Xtreme RFID, visit www.xtremerfid.com or follow the company on LinkedIn.
About Vizinex RFID
With a heritage that reaches back to 2001, Vizinex has over a decade of experience providing leading-edge RFID solutions to businesses and governments. Vizinex RFID’s leadership team includes experts in manufacturing, quality, engineering and product development. Vizinex is a technological leader, with 26 patents issued or pending, and has developed a prototyping and pilot production process that provides rapid, low cost development services for customers seeking exactly the right tag for their application. Whether you need an RFID tag off the shelf or one that is ‘outside the box’, Vizinex RFID can help. To learn more about Vizinex, visit www.vizinexrfid.com or follow the company on LinkedIn.

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