System Insights vimana Platform Improves Manufacturing Equipment Performance


PRLog (Press Release)[1] - Jan. 24, 2014 - System Insights, ( ( based in Berkeley, California, with offices in Chennai, India, is a leading global supplier of manufacturing software in both machining based, discrete and process industries. The SI flagship product - vimana - delivers predictive analytics solutions to improve clients’ efficiency, productivity, and profitability. vimana provides these data while enabling customers to realize sustainable manufacturing objectives. The vimana software platform delivers a unique combination of Cloud Computing and Big Data capabilities that sets out to revolutionize the economics of manufacturing. System Insights is a proud member of both AMT (Association for Manufacturing Technology) and NTMA (National Tooling and Machining Association).

The promise of Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) and the sudden interest and enthusiasm in industrial automation come from a realization that the manufacturing domain is one of the most dynamic and economically valuable areas that has been underserved by our technology advancements. System Insights had this revelation four years ago, after the founders were instrumental in the development of the MTConnect standard.

Will Sobel, CEO of System Insights suggested, “vimana was created to fill this need with the expectation that the market will mature rapidly as the word spreads that manufacturing and value creation is the foundation of the economy.”

These technology leaders realized that the complexity of the processes and the money being lost on a daily basis is a problem that can be solved. That stimulated the formation of System Insights. At the time Internet of Things (IOT) and Machine to Machine Communication (M2M) were not known in the general community of technology companies or investors.

Sobel noted, “Improving the performance of manufacturing equipment will become a major focus as we move back to producing goods – a necessary macro-economic course correction. To once again stare into our crystal ball (since we did a good job five years ago) and predict the future. We see manufacturing becoming more data centric where the flow of data from the planning, design, and engineering have a continuous feedback loop to the shop floor and the manufacturers utilize the data to improve their processes from design to machine controls.”

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