New Biometric Time Clock by MinuteHound Increases Business Savings...

New York, NY (PRWEB) February 13, 2014

MinuteHound has revolutionized the biometric time clock with easy to use, and easy to install technology. There are no installation costs and no additional training required. The MinuteHound biometric fingerprint scanner connects to any computer, saving companies time and money. By eliminating the need for IT assets, MinuteHound enables companies to accurately recording employee work time faster. Although there are many types of biometrics[1], fingerprinting is the most widely used form for time and attendance purposes.

MinuteHound saves companies money by accurately recording employee work time. The patented biometric fingerprint scanner eliminates time clock errors, buddy punching, time clock manipulation and unapproved overtime. MinuteHound automatically calculates and provides detailed time attendance reports that can be viewed from anywhere and at any time. This accessibility is the benefits of the time attendance report information’s storage location in the Cloud. Live reporting also means a manger can see employees working, in real time, allowing the company to immediately asses staffing needs.

MinuteHound’s biometric fingerprint scanner user recognition time is under two seconds, which is faster than the leading competitor. And unlike companies making similar claims, MinuteHound does not limit the number of users on the biometric fingerprint scanner. There is no need for the extra purchase of “add-ons” with MinuteHound. And MinuteHound provides the flexibility of a pay-as-you-go option.

Information security is ensured by MinuteHound. If hardware, a computer or scanner is stolen, all employee information is still safety stored on the server. Data is transmitted using a 128 bit encryption. The biometric scanner can detect false fingerprint scans. The fingerprint scans are never stored and cannot be reverse engineered, so the employee’s privacy is always protected.

MinuteHound provides an unlimited hardware warranty and money back guarantee[2] on all hardware. All system upgrades are free. The biometric fingerprint scanner cost a small fraction of what a typical time clock costs. Through all the MinuteHound savings, companies will save two to eight percent on payroll costs by using MinuteHound. It costs just pennies a day to operate.

There is flexibility with MinuteHound. Holiday and sick leave can be entered manually by the administrator. Using the “report” link, administrators can make manual corrections to an employee’s time if an individual forgets to clock in or out. Unlike with other software, MinuteHound does not require a pin number to log in.

MinuteHound is a web based application. Therefore, these is no limit on the amount of timesheet data that is saved, daylight savings is updated automatically, and remote support is provided. E-mail alerts are customizable through MinuteHound, allowing companies to create customizable alerts to fit their business needs. MinuteHound can be connected to any Point Of Sale (POS) system. It provides flexibility to employees, allowing users can clock in at any branch location of the company.

MinuteHound prides itself on its’ world class support. MinuteHound ensures that clients using the MinuteHound Time Clock Software will be treated with the utmost importance and respect. The client’s questions will be treated with urgency in a timely manner. MinuteHound desires to help companies save money.

MinuteHound Contact Information
Email: info(at)MinuteHound(dot)com
Phone: (800) 351-7237


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