RocketTags Launch Kickstarter Campaign


PRLog (Press Release)[1] - Feb. 18, 2014 - RocketTags have just launched their Kickstarte Campaign!

Use RocketTags to better protect your valuables. If lost, a finder can scan the RocketTag with a smart phone to return it to its owner

What are RocketTags?
RocketTags are a unique QR Code based, lost and found system.

Put RocketTags on your valuables to identify them.
If you lose them a finder can scan the RocketTag with any QR Code scanner on their smartphone or enter the unique RocketTag ID code directly into the RocketTags website to get it back to you.

When a found RocketTag has been scanned, the owner is immediately notified by email, they can then arrange for the items return with the finder.

RocketTags provide a reliable link between the finder of a lost item and its owner, which is of increasing importance with the high capital cost of today's consumer items and the valuable personal information and data stored on them.

Available in a range of colours, choose a RocketTag that best compliments your personal items.

To help motivate the finder "Return for Reward" is printed on each RocketTag and on a successful return of a lost item to an owner, the finder will receive a free subscription extension when they purchase their own set of RocketTags.

RocketTags are your smart phones best friend. One of the main benefits of the RocketTags system is that unlike app/computer based lost and found programs,  it does not rely on your lost phone maintaining enough battery power nor does it matter if your phone is password protected (which often prevents a finder from ascertaining the owners identity).

Another benefit of using QR Code technology has been that the owners personal details remain secure throughout the entire process and are not released to the finder until the owner replies to the automatically generated 'found email', sent by the RocketTags system.

Most importantly RocketTags are GREAT VALUE! A set of 4 StickOn RocketTags are to retail for only $11.88 with a free 1 year subscription and it only costs $11.88 a year to renew. That's affordable peace of mind at less than $1 a month to better protect your valuables.

With a recent US based study revealing an alarming 30 billion dollars worth of Americans cell phones are lost each year, and over 12,000 laptops are lost in US airports each week, you need RocketTags now more than ever.

RocketTags even add value to business, use them to protect assets and the data and information associated with them, or as promotional products, complete with custom branding.

RocketTags are on Kickstarter right now![2]