The Threat of Pureeing an Australian Tourist Attraction, Reminds Us That Shared Adventures Always Taste Best

(PRWEB) February 27, 2014

The world has been rocked by the theft of a 10-meter-high Big Mango that has gone missing in northern Queensland, Australia. The seven-tonne mango was stolen from Bowen between midnight and 2 a.m. on Monday and appears to have needed at least six people – who were clearly desperate for a bit of mango in their lives.

There is a fear that the Big Mango might be pureed and widely distributed, as a socialist response to Queensland’s worsening political situation.

Young entrepreneurs, Ariel Resnik and Shoshana Jones-Resnik, jumped the gun when they realised several months ago that everyone needs a mango in their life. They formed Mango Salute[1], a new greeting card company with a twist focusing on real art, in a brave attempt to allow the world to salute the Australian mango.

“The tingly sensation of mango dripping down your chin on beautiful Australian summer day, is the best sensation in the world,” says Ariel. “You can get some of this feeling when you receive a truly personal message, a greeting card of the sort my grandma used to send me in the mail,” chimes in Shoshana.

Mango Salute, the Art of Greeting, has brought together artists from over 30 countries to share the aesthetic experience – albeit of sight rather than taste. The eclectic and diverse range of art styles includes quirky photography, oil pastel, manga, illustrations, ink & street art.

What's more, Mango Salute makes it possible to take advantage of modern technology, by recording a video which is part of the greeting card itself. Alternatively, a YouTube video can be uploaded - allowing for music, song or story to complete the message. The videos are easily retrieved via a QR code printed on the back of the card.

Because the pair believe that in today’s digital age it is paramount to be able to touch and hold what will become a cherished memory, the cards are printed in high quality. Mango Salute has printers on three continents ensuring that a card can be printed close to its destination, reducing the environmental footprint and supporting local industry.

The new greeting card company website is about to launch:[2].

Have a look now for an optical feast and you, too, can send some of the mango spirit and enjoy the flavour of that stolen mango. You can share the art with friends, family and colleagues around the world.

You don’t even need to construct a heist in Bowen.

About Mango Salute: The Art of Greeting

Mango Salute is a global collaboration[3] aiming to transform the common cold greeting card into the warm embrace of a meaningful message; the microwaved email into a home cooked feast. We are about the "Art of Greeting" – going beyond the token nod or handshake of communication, to the core connection.

Our goal at Mango Salute is to provide you with the simple tools and inspiration to create personal meaningful messages.


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