Biopoint Patient ID Raises the Bar on Patient Safety for Hospitals, Surgery Centers


PRLog (Press Release)[1] - Mar. 19, 2014 - ROCHESTER, N.Y. -- Biopoint Patient Identification (PI), the premier patient identification wristband system designed to ensure the proper identification of patients and synchronization of treatment at healthcare facilities, has been fitted with the newest wave of leading-edge features. This release further enhances the ability for organizations to ensure proper patient safety and identification. Used by over 120 Veterans Affairs and other healthcare facilities across the US, Biopoint PI has been fitted with several significant upgrades that provide even more value for hospitals and surgery centers alike.

With the newest release, Biopoint PI further expands its leadership gap over other identification software applications by continuing to increase organizational efficiency while simultaneously continuing to enhance patient safety. With the addition of several key features, Biopoint PI is the only system you will ever need to patient identification.

Biopoint PI now has an enhanced “Quick Print” feature that maintains the wristband configurations in the event that a user needs to access a different printer from the one normally used. When using “Quick Print”, users no longer have to go through unnecessary steps to access the correct wristband printer and properly process their patients, allowing the organization to streamline operations and deliver safer, higher quality patient care.

Biopoint is also fitted with additional filtering and sorting capabilities that allow for even more advanced analysis of patient data. This allows organizations to have an unparalleled level of granularity regarding their patient information and gives them the ability to always obtain the exact data they need and ensure that patients are where they are supposed to be.

“We always strive to continue to provide the most advanced patient ID and wristband technology that helps our users attain the highest level of patient safety,” stated VP and CBO Maria Durkin. “Biopoint PI continues to be the software that sets the standard for the rest of the industry, and that’s something we always set out to do with each release.”

For both government and private-sector organizations, the latest release of Biopoint PI provides unparalleled upgrades that greatly enhance organizational efficiency and enhance patient safety.

About Biopoint

Biopoint is the patient identification and patient safety system that utilizes barcodes and patient information to ensure the proper synchronization of patients and treatment for hospitals and long-term care facilities. For more information on Biopoint features and capabilities, visit the Biopoint website. ([2])