Slimmy® Wallet by Koyono Reinvented With RFID Protection and Access in One

Cleveland, OH (PRWEB) March 27, 2014

Updated with RFID shielding with a twist[1], the popular Slimmy® line[2] of slim leather wallets from Koyono gives you more protection than ever before from wireless credit card and identity thieves. “Our customers are more and more concerned with the possibility of having their credit card information compromised when on the go," said Jay Yoo, company Founder and President, “however, a lot of them also need fast access to buildings at work and public transportation via an RFID card. We wanted to give them RFID access when they need it, and protection at the same time, while keeping the design of an 'RFID Slimmy' as simple as possible.”

The Slimmy's original three-pocket design lends itself perfectly as a wallet that can provide RFID shielding in the center pocket, but sans protection in either of the side pockets. This is achieved by putting shields in either side of the inside flaps, while not having any shields in the outer sides of the wallet. Put credit cards in the center to minimize the possibility of RFID theft. Access cards can be placed in either of the side pockets so they can easily be read by building and transportation RFID scanners without having to take them out. It's that simple. Still there is plenty of room for cash, receipts and other personal items. Slimmy has one unstitched side that eliminates the need for folds, providing the slimmest and easiest way to store and access items.

"We are really excited to reintroduce the original Slimmy three-pocket wallet design with RFID protection. The cool thing is that we did not have to redesign the Slimmy at all to achieve this. It is as simple as it gets and that is what we are all about. We think customers are going to be delighted with the first wallet that gives them true RFID flexibility, and are already receiving positive feedback," said Yoo.

The original three-pocket Slimmy design has RFID stamped on the inside flap. They include Original Slimmy[3], View Slimmy[4], wwSlimmy[5], View wwSlimmy[6], and C Slimmy[7].

All X Slimmy[8] wallets also have RFID protection but not access. Please note that these wallets do not have internal flaps for stamping purposes and do not carry the RFID mark.

About Koyono Company

Koyono Company is a purveyor of minimalist apparel and accessories that help people unclutter without compromising style, performance and utility. Slimmy® was introduced in 2004 by Koyono as the "Slimmest Wallet on Earth" and quickly climbed the charts on as one of the best selling wallets. Since Slimmy's debut, it has been featured in the New York Times and many other popular style and gadget blogs. It has become a favorite among design and tech enthusiasts who love simple and minimal. Koyono Company is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio.

Koyono® and Slimmy® are registered trademarks of Koyono Company in the United States.

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