ShopSavvy Bests RedLaser in Side-by-Side Comparison

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) April 01, 2014

ShopSavvy, the world’s largest mobile shopping platform,[1] produced superior results when compared to price comparison app RedLaser in a side-by-side comparison[2] conducted by Alpha Digits.

The smartphone app review site tested results from ShopSavvy and RedLaser on 10 randomly selected products. Categories in the test included books, movies, home and family, consumer electronics, video games and office products. ShopSavvy produced the most local results and the most online results 100 percent of the time. ShopSavvy showed the lowest price results for both new and used items 70 percent of the time.

Alpha Digits credits ShopSavvy’s extensive database and platform for the superior results:
“Consumers wanting to find the best price comparison application would be well-served to look at more than just the app’s cool features and interesting functionality and take a longer look under the hood. The backbone of any good price-comparison app is its product database. It’s access to the prices, locations, and reviews that will determine whether or not consumers can trust it to find them the lowest prices and best local results. For example, ShopSavvy’s platform, Product Cloud 2.0, lets the app offer real-time pricing, inventory, reviews, photos, videos and other information for hundreds of millions of products. And it’s the database that lets the app outpace apps from retail giants like eBay and Amazon.”    

The review concludes the comparison of the two top price-comparison apps by saying, “to sum it up, ShopSavvy is better.”

Rylan Barnes, co-founder and CTO of ShopSavvy, said the comparison test supports the effort the company has devoted to building its extensive product database.

“ShopSavvy is indeed better,” Barnes said. “It delivers more products, more information, and more low prices. ShopSavvy isn’t a retailer so we don’t favor offers from particular sellers such as Walmart, eBay or Amazon, we include the results from all of them online and in the store to deliver unmatched savings to our users. ShopSavvy is the one indispensable application for shoppers on the go who never want to overpay.”

About ShopSavvy

ShopSavvy is the leading mobile shopping community, with more than 40 million downloads and millions of monthly active users. ShopSavvy empowers smartphone users to quickly and seamlessly locate, research and buy products at the point of sale. When users scan a barcode or input a product name, they discover where the item is sold locally and online, where it’s in stock and at what price. ShopSavvy aggregates product data, deals, ratings and reviews from retailers, partners and its own users to provide the most comprehensive source of information and advice for mobile shoppers anywhere. For advertisers, ShopSavvy delivers hyper-relevant deals, promotions, warranty offers and other UPC/GPS-targeted content to consumers. For more information, visit[3].


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