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Irvine, CA (PRWEB) May 07, 2014

No doubt that there's something warm and friendly about a handwritten note on a gift given to a friend or loved one. But what if that same personal touch could be combined with the latest multimedia technology[1]? It can if the Canadian startup TagTalk has any say in it. And they've gone to Kickstarter[2] to crowdfund their exciting vision into a reality.

“TagTalk can make you a paper-based message that includes photos, voice and video,” commented a spokesperson from the company. “When paper meets technology[3], it's time to let go of limitations and show your affection with a digital surprise!”

TagTalk is powered by NFC (Near Field Communication), a new wireless technology that's been used in touchless credit cards, interactive posters and transit passes. By bringing this new tech to gift tags and cards, personal greeting experiences will have a total revolution. The TagTalk messages will be able to be viewed by NFC enabled smartphones via the embedded chip, or by iPhone and other non-NFC smartphones via a matching QR code.

The TagTalk app (under development) will also be available as a free download from the App Store on iOS, Google Play on Android or BlackBerry World on BlackBerry 10.

The Kickstarter campaign began on March 31st and will end at 9pm on May 15th. The project will only be funded if it receives $15,000 in pledges.

The early response to the product has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic, with a wide range of publications commenting positively about TagTalk.

The crowdfunding curator website Backerjack recently said, “It’s hard not to get ideas of how to use these tags to surprise friends and loved ones.”

While CoolPile said, “TagTalk brings gift tagging to the 21st century.”

Our Mission:
We are on a mission to make your paper-based greeting alive and collectible. By pairing TagTalk with gift, card, or letter, customers can create a life-like and personal experience for themselves and the one they care. We are an agile and dynamic group of people based in Waterloo, Ontario, the innovation hub of Canada.

For more information visit the company's website at[4] and their Kickstarter page at[5].


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