DPS, Inc. Announces new (GADGT) Member Zachary Simpson



Zachary Simpson

Zachary Simpson

PRLog (Press Release)[1] - Jun. 6, 2014 - CARMEL, Ind. -- DPS, Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of the newest member to the Google App Development Glass Team (GADGT), Zach Simpson, Intern. Mr. Simpson ‘s primary responsibility is glass software developer.  GADGTTM is a team of developers who are currently developing custom Google Glass applications focused on many areas of the distribution workflow.

Zach brings enthusiasm and experience to GADGTTM. He is an active member of The Association of Computing Machinery (ACM). Zach is currently finishing up his Computer Science major at Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN. “Zach is a great addition and we both welcome and look forward to his contributions to this very important DPS project, “states Ryan Ingram, GADGT Director.

GADGTTM is lead by DPS, Inc. CTO, Marshall Dunbar. Born and raised in Bloomington, IN. Mr. Dunbar began his developers’ career after graduating from Indiana University’s School of Informatics and Computing and writing the first Redbook on how to use Java on the IBM I system. Mr. Dunbar is an active member of the ISV Advising Council for IBM. Mr. Dunbar has been with DPS since 1986 and has been the Java developmental lead for DPS’s eCommerce, ERP, and iSeries (Axonlink) applications.

GADGTTM is directed by Ryan Ingram. He has been with DPS since 2007 after attending Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, under the College of Science concentrating his studies in Computer Science with a focus on mobile development. He recently became a member of the Google Glass Explorer Program. When asked about GADGTTM he said, “I want our software to improve an organizations efficiency by bringing wearable technology closer to the end user. Looking toward the future we can incorporate wearable devices to assist in our day-to-day operations to help increase productivity while decreasing opportunities for user errors. It is easy to see why the future is in sight with DPS on Google Glass.”


Established in 1972, DPS, Inc. is a software development, consulting, and services company.

At DPS, we promote only tested and proven technology to our clients -- technology that works for SMB distributors. As the developer, marketer, and implementer of the DPS Product Suite, DPS assures reliability and ROI without all the hassle of managing multiple vendors and non-compatible systems. The Product Suite for SMB Distribution includes complete distribution and financial management (ERP)(http://web.dpslink.com/erp.shtml[2]), eCommerce (http://web.dpslink.com/ebusiness.shtml[3]), advanced warehouse management (http://web.dpslink.com/warehouse-management.shtml) (WMS) with bar-coding and wireless terminal/scanners, and mobile computing for sales reps and delivery drivers on the road.

DPS also offers a full complement of technology services and is on the forefront of hosting business applications through the DPS SureSource Application Services Provider (ASP) offering. Through our partnership with IBM, we can provide IBM Power Systems as well as virtualization and storage solutions. We are dedicated to delivering the most comprehensive and innovative systems available.

For more information, visit our website at www.dpslink.comor call 1-800-654-4689.[4]


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