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PRLog (Press Release)[1] - Jun. 6, 2014 - LetoCMMS is computerized Maintenance Management Software system in dubai-abu dhabi-uae provides best control to your organization and Industrial Assets effectively.

The following modules are available with LetoCMMS

1. KPI (Key Performance Indicator) Desginer with Service Level Agreements

2. Project Planning and Execution

3. Manpower Planning & Execution

4. Registerting All the Assets

5. Prepare Barcode

6. Schedule Preventive Maintenance with timewise and counter reading wise

7. Asset Breakdown customer support (CRM) solutions

8. Schedule Site visit and Work order planning

9. Material Issue and Procurement with Cost Control

10. Complete all the Service Work order

11. Incident Management helps to prioritize and schedule multi level approval process

12 Reminder for each Service Managers and Engineers

13. Integrated Email System helps to control all the work ontime.

14. Work order completion with estimated completed cost.

15. Planned maintenance and cost breakdown planning

16. Integration with third party Applications

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