Loment Secure Digital Communication Company Launches its PEANUT 2.0, Secure SMS Mobile Application



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PRLog (Press Release)[1] - Jun. 20, 2014 - HYDERABAD, India -- Peanut 2.0 Secure SMS

PEANUT is a Mobile Secure SMS Application providing privacy and security for the SMS. PEANUT uses encryption and decryption to ensure P2P message security .This application is useful for personal or business needs, or as a replacement to day-to-day SMS

Peanut provides protection of data at rest, protection of data in transit, protection of data in use, protection of data transfer to a file, protection of data transfer to a device, protection of data transfer between devices, remote wipe-out, backup and restore features to facilitate ease of use, convenience

What’s New with this 2.0 Version?

1.   Peanut 2.0 is completely new implementation in native android OS.

2.   Improved UI / UX Design for better user Experience.

3.   Supports up to 4.4 KitKat Android Version.

Comply with U.S. data privacy laws & HIPAA

Peanut complies with current data privacy laws. Peanut provides password protected access, control to messages OTA and network secure transmission, protection of data in use, secure transfer of messages to external files and devices, remote wipe-out in case of lost or stolen device, and other features that allow the user to comply with data privacy laws.

Peanut Technology

End to End encryption of messages transmitted over-the-air (OTA), as they are stored on mobile carrier networks, or as captured by legal or illegal interceptors. All messages are secured using AES 256-bit encryption

Mobile SMS Vulnerability

·         On Your Device

·         On the Network

·         On the Server

·         On the Recipient device

PEANUT   Benefits

·         Privacy

Password protected access to SMS, text and enhanced secure messages received from Peanut Users or, optionally, all messages.

·         Security

End to End encryption of messages transmitted over-the-air (OTA), as they are stored on mobile carrier networks, or as captured by legal or illegal interceptors. All messages are secured using AES 256-bit encryption. Sending a secure Text SMS is as easy as sending a message. Peanut allows users to turn encryption ON or OFF, as needed and communicate with others who do not have the Peanut secure Messaging application.

·         Auto Expiration

Peanut Users may also set a time interval for expiration or deletion of messages sent to others. Messages are automatically deleted from the recipient Inbox once they are read and the time interval expires.

·         Restricted Messages

Recipients of Peanut restricted messages can only read the messages and reply to the sender and cannot share the received message. Sometimes some message senders face embarrassment, inconvenience or a problem when SMS are shared by the recipient with the others. This feature restricts Forward, Copy, Backup and other utilities and also blocks them in the recipient’s device.

·         Priority Indication

Peanut allows the Sender to inform other Peanut users the priority of the communication they are sending.

·         Scheduled Delivery

This feature is handy when messages are sent across the time zones especially while sending greeting for birthdays and to other occasions.

·         Acknowledgement

Peanut allows the mobile user to setup a private address book and maintain confidentiality of those contacts. Private contacts are not accessible to other APPs downloaded on the same mobile device thus providing a key benefit to enterprise, business, personal and professional use.

For any other information please log to your website http://[2]www.loment.net[3]
Free Download from Google Play Store URL: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.loment....[4]
Loment Inc,
1548 Bond Street
Suite 105
Illinois 60563
United States of America


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