Bradford Networks Announces Availability of Network Sentry/RTR for Palo Alto Networks at Gartner Security Risk Management Summit 2014

NATIONAL HARBOR, MD--(Marketwired - Jun 23, 2014) - GARTNER Security & Risk Management Summit -- Bradford Networks™, the leading provider of rapid threat response solutions, today announced the availability of Network Sentry/RTR for Palo Alto Networks, at the Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit 2014. Developed following Bradford Networks' technology alliance with Palo Alto Networks, this customized version of the recently announced Network Sentry/RTR solution automates the complex threat triage and response process to empower organizations to contain advanced threats in seconds. Bradford Networks will showcase its Network Sentry/RTR solution at the Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit 2014, in booth #708.

"In the face of today's sophisticated cyber threats, legacy security technologies are proving less and less effective for enterprises attempting to secure their organizations," said Chad Kinzelberg, senior vice president of business and corporate development at Palo Alto Networks. "In addition to deploying next-generation security technologies designed for today's dynamic computing environments, security and networking teams must collaborate to identify and prevent endpoint infections from malware that may never have been seen before in the wild. Palo Alto Networks advanced threat protection integrated with Network Sentry/RTR allows organizations to isolate and contain infected hosts in real-time."

Network Sentry/RTR for Palo Alto Networks leverages its unique Live Inventory of Network Connections (LINC) to automatically correlate high fidelity security alerts from the Palo Alto Networks Next-generation Platform with detailed contextual information on compromised endpoints, users and applications. Armed with this information, Network Sentry/RTR for Palo Alto Networks triggers an automated workflow and response based on the business criticality of the security event. In addition, Network Sentry/RTR for Palo Alto Networks can share user profiles with the Palo Alto Networks User Agent to enable the Palo Alto Networks Platform to apply appropriate security policies in a BYOD environment, enhancing the user experience and minimizing the attack surface for cyber criminals.

Network Sentry/RTR for Palo Alto Networks enables users to:

  • Reduce threat containment time from days to seconds;
  • Isolate, restrict, or block compromised endpoints from the network in real-time;
  • Leverage historical network forensics to trace the point of compromise;
  • Bridge the workflows between the SOC (security operations center) and the NOC (network operations center) by automatically correlating silos of disparate information;
  • Add contextual information to security alerts and events to gauge business criticality;
  • Dynamically control every user and device's level of network access based on its security posture;
  • Secure enterprise networks with a large number of remote locations.

"Cyber attacks are becoming more innovative and complex, and security has never been more challenging for enterprise organizations who often lack the resources, knowledge, and most importantly, the holistic perspective to address them," said Mark McClain, President, AmeriNet. "As a leading reseller for both Palo Alto Networks and Bradford Networks, we believe that Network Sentry/RTR for Palo Alto Networks enhances the value of our security product portfolio, and will further allow us to provide a much needed end-to-end solution for cyber threat remediation to our customer base."

"Enterprises today are facing an increasingly dangerous threat landscape. The volume and sophistication of attacks has reached new heights, while mobile computing and the Internet of Things (IoT) is increasing the surface area for endpoint infections," said Sanjit Shah, vice president of business development, Bradford Networks. "With Network Sentry/RTR for Palo Alto Networks, our mutual enterprise customers can now take immediate action on security threats detected by Palo Alto Networks to minimize the risk to assets and intellectual property, protect the brand, and reduce the impact, time and cost resulting from cyber threats."

Network Sentry/RTR for Palo Alto Networks is generally available and can be deployed as a physical appliance, virtual appliance, or cloud service. Network Sentry/RTR for Palo Alto Networks scales to address enterprises of any size.

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About Bradford Networks

Bradford Networks is the leading provider of rapid threat response solutions that minimize the risk and impact of cyber threats. The company's patented Network Sentry solution enables Cyber Security Teams to continuously assess the risk of every user and endpoint on the network, and automatically remove vulnerable and compromised devices that act as backdoors for cyber criminals. Through its SmartEdge Platform, Network Sentry seamlessly integrates with the leading Advanced Threat Detection solutions to correlate high-fidelity security alerts with a threat's foothold. This unique correlation bridges the silos of security, network, and endpoint information to enable confident, automated threat containment before it has an adverse impact on the business. Bradford Networks' network security solutions are used by more than 900 enterprise customers worldwide in markets such as healthcare, financial services, retail, government, education and more. For more information, please visit


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