QC Software Suggests Reducing Risk with a Warehouse Control System


PRLog (Press Release)[1] - Jul. 1, 2014 - QC Software, an industry leader in providing innovative software solutions for order fulfillment and distribution centers, suggested key ways to minimize risk with a warehouse control system (WCS). Within the four walls of the warehouse or distribution center, the WCS is essential for maintaining an efficient operation and reducing risk. By synchronizing equipment, processes and personnel, the WCS is the driving force behind an operation. It provides leaders with the necessary information to pinpoint problems as they occur.

The key ways a WCS minimizes risk:

Improves system reliability.  While the Enterprise Resource Planning or Warehouse Management System is generally housed at a remote location, the warehouse control system is always on site and can maintain warehouse operations if there is a problem with the remote connection.
Provides system diagnostics and problem resolution. The warehouse control system can consolidate operational statistics and diagnostics across the entire warehouse, and provide improved visibility of equipment status and order tracking. By identifying inefficiencies in the warehouse system, the warehouse control system helps increase productivity, throughput and on-time deliveries.
Reduces downtime.  The warehouse control system ensures the proper flow of inventory.  From receiving, put-away, picking, to shipping, the warehouse control system controls the transport and routing of items for maximum throughput. The warehouse control system can react to last-minute problems on the floor to minimize bottlenecks and downtime.
Ensures order accuracy.  By providing a system of checks and balances, the warehouse control system ensures order and shipping accuracy.
Minimizes inventory loss and spoilage. The warehouse control system accurately tracks inventory throughout the warehouse and ensures that proper inventory levels are maintained, thereby reducing loss and spoilage.
Reduces theft and fraud. The warehouse control system can uncover and eliminate fraud with targeted inspections. One company discovered that 80% of complaints for missing items were coming from a small number of their sales agents. Suspecting fraud, the company routed the suspected agents’ orders for 100% QC inspection, thereby eliminating the problem.

QC Software is proud to host the event and is recognized as an industry leader for order fulfillment and distribution centers. These innovative software solutions help North American and European distribution centers and warehouses to streamline operations with the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry. Warehouse managers realize increased system productivity and dependability.

QC Enterprise, the premier software product suite, is the result of extensive research, development, and rigorous testing. It is a proven product that provides benefits to leading manufacturers, retailers, and direct sales organizations. This complete, integrated warehouse control system is configurable, scalable, and modular to suit a wide range of user requirements.  QC Software customers gain a competitive edge in today’s complex economy.  Follow on Twitter @QCSoftware.

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