Blue Ridge Discusses The Advantages of Cloud-Based Solutions in NewEDI Podcast

Marietta, GA (PRWEB) July 02, 2014

Leading Cloud demand planning, forecasting, replenishment and analytics provider Blue Ridge recently provided insight about modern supply chain technology during an interview conducted on the Intersections with NewEDI podcast[1]. Greg White, Blue Ridge CEO, discussed how powerful data produced at the point of purchase is to a retailer when aligning inventory to optimize supply chain efficiency.

The conversation focused on multichannel retailing and the value of leveraging customer data from the point of sale back up the supply chain to ensure proper demand planning and inventory positioning. White stated, “It is so important to continually translate that consumer demand up the supply chain to get the most accurate forecast for every appropriate tier of the supply chain, including distribution centers, suppliers, manufacturers, and raw materials.”

The interview branched out into a discussion about the challenges of managing thousands upon thousands of transactions in the context of a complex supply chain. Both large and small retailers have to deal with several levels of data, and White weighed in on the debate about on-premise versus Cloud solutions[2]. In speaking about how Cloud solutions can help with this process, White commented, “With all of these transactions between a retailer and their manufacturers and suppliers, this creates a huge burden on hardware and data storage. The Cloud offers an unlimited power of availability and scalability to retailers for handling these transactions in a cost-effective manner.”

The Intersections with NewEDI podcast interview with Greg White can be heard at[3].

About Blue Ridge

Blue Ridge Cloud supply chain planning and analytics solutions provide next-level visibility and precision in demand forecasting, planning and replenishment to retailers, distributors, and manufacturers. By optimizing product availability, inventory, and logistics costs, these companies increase cash flow by 50 percent or more and improve sales by double-digits, while stabilizing or even reducing inventory up to 30 percent. Blue Ridge demand-driven solutions can be implemented in as little as 90 days and scaled to the most complex supply chains. For more information, visit[4].

About Intersections with NewEDI

Intersections with NewEDI is a forum for thought leaders to discuss different approaches for solving supply chain challenges. Whether the topic is technology, processes excellence or real-world use cases, all discussions ultimately intersect at the importance of data in solving problems.


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